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Malaysia is boasting that Sabah is part of Malaysian Federal Government, which is partly true.This conception is the standpoint of Kuala Lumpur based on the Federal constitution . The Parliament of Federal Malaysia is holding fast on this conjecture due to the inherent participation of Sabah to the Federal Malaysia. Former Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Yong Teck Lee has blown the secret of Sabah's association to Malaysia in saying - SABAH DID NOT JOIN MALAYSIA BUT SABAH IS IN PARTNER TO MALAYSIA.This revelation is the most expounding issue and the only way to find out if Yong Teck Lee is telling the truth is to review the Malaysian Constitution in conjunction with Sabah State Constitution. This two constitution, one Federal in nature and the other one state in nature will give light to the confession of Yong Teck Lee.

It was true that Sabah is under the Federal Malaysian Constitution in Pro -Tempore meaning temporary or interim because Sabah State Constitution clearly define that the - STATE OF SABAH CAN INDEPENDENTLY MAKE IT'S OWN LAW as defined under the 20 point agreement. The provision of special applications to Sabah and Sarawak to be exempted from the National Land law of Federal Malaysia seems accurate as per Yong Teck Lee admits that - WE MADE THE FEDERAL MALAYSIA, SABAH IS IN PARTNER TO IT this is a statement of the original people that framed the Federal Malaysian constitution as we see today.

The provision of special applications to Sabah and Sarawak is very interesting. If Sabah has freedom over the state land to decide independently, therefore the sovereignty to decide over Sabah belongs to the state. This tell us that there is actually separation of power of two constitutions. State Parliament can make a law to separate and apply the provision of 20 point policy , Sabah can be independent anytime the State Parliament wishes to do so. This could be the reason of edging out the opposition because once the opposition win the majority in the State Parliament, it is likely that a law will be passed to remove the Federal control over Sabah.

The Malaysian Constitution is very clear to the provision regarding Sabah and Sarawak, only the Federal function of Taxation , Military and Monetary is the only power that was vested in Federal Malaysia to implement in Sabah. This could be the essence of partnership because Sabah has it's own State Parliament that can act and make laws independent from Federal Laws except that they will be under the Federal laws on Tax,Military and Monetary.

The grudge of Sabah State Parliament is the unfair sharing between the State and the Federal, because Sabah is only getting a mere 5% of the revenues that the Federal Government of Malaysia is making out of Sabah. The development and social services is not being address comparing to Peninsular Malaysia. As Datuk Yong Teck Lee admits - WE ARE PAYING A HIGH PRICE BEING A PARTNER TO FEDERAL MALAYSIA which seemingly accurate. The rest of the oppositions is now hell bent in planning to seggregate Sabah from the Federal control if the situation cannot be abated.According to Yong , it is very hard to run the State for a very small portion of revenue while Peninsular Malaysia enjoy the resources they got from Sabah.
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