Is Linda Cohn of ESPN divorced?

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I can't answer that definitely, but I have noticed that Linda is no longer wearing her wedding ring on the air. That could mean anything, but it could also mean that she and her husband are splitsville.
UPDATE: It would appear that the answer is yes. I just read a short article about Cohn's upcoming memoir, and the article mentions that her husband Stew is a major, "sympathetic" character in the book, and that he and Cohn are no longer together despite him being, in her words, her best friend. So she's available, guys!
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What happened to Linda Cohn from ESPN?

Linda Cohn continues to be an anchor for ESPN's SportsCenter, having hosted telecasts of the WNBA from 2005 to 2007. Her podcast is "Listen Closely to Linda Cohn."

How tall is Linda Cohn?

Answer . \nLinda and I have been friends since the summer of '84...Geri Ferraro, Gary Carter and Madonna. Jones Beach, Westbury Music Fair and Shea. She has always been a f

Who replaced Linda Cohn?

Linda Cohn is an ESPN sports news andÊhas not been replaced. She isstill on as the head anchor for ESPN's Sports center.Ê

Does Linda Cohn have a tattoo?

Linda Cohn is a journalist with ESPN. She does not have any visibletattoos. She could have tattoos that are not visible, but she doesnot tell the public.

Does Linda Cohn have any children?

Cohn currently resides in Southbury , Connecticut .. Cohn was married to Stew Kaufman, whom she met while attending Oswego. They had two children.
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Is linda cohn dating Trent dilfer?

Linda Cohn is a American sportscaster who regularly anchors onESPN's SportsCenter along side Trent Differ. Neither has spokenpublicly about being in a relationship together or

What movie and television projects has Linda Cohn been in?

Linda Cohn has: Played herself in "SportsCenter" in 1979. Played Herself - Reporter in "1997 NFL Draft" in 1997. Played herself in "Last Call with Carson Daly" in 2002. Played