Is Kelly tilghman a lesbian?

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Yes. She is into the hairy clam bake. have you ever watched Bad Leuiteant in 1992 "the Mets hit he's on second he makes it to third he makes home he's out! you son of a **tch! you motha ****er!,hey sleep. End Game End Game

Is Kelly Kelly a lesbian?

No, Kelly Kelly is not a lesbian. The kisses between two divas is just to make a storyline.

Is Kelly Tilghman gay?

Yes, she is very upfront about it. Why, are you interested? Why, are you interested?

Is Kelly Clarkson a lesbian?

No she is not. Two of her former boyfriends are David Hodges andGraham Colton.

Where is kelly tilghman?

She works for The Golf Channel. She commentates on PGA Tour golf.

What is the sexual orientation of Kelly Tilghman?

As of May 2014, the sexual orientation of Kelly Tilghman has notbeen publicly disclosed. There have been past rumors that theactress is gay, but they have never been officiall

Who is Kelly Tilghman husband?

I know pga pro's that know her. she is apparently gay. That is why no husband. I know this factually as much as you can without seeing it myself.

Is Kelly Tilghman pregnant?

hi i believe kelly tilghman is pregnant is if you may have noticed her leg's, her leg's seem'ed to be a bit larger than usual and her where she sits that it's a bit large and