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This would depend on the person, as hotness is determined by personal opinion. I would say that a majority of teenage girls would find him attractive, however, this isn't proven.
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Who is George Sampson?

George William Sampson (born in June 29, 1993) is a street dancer from Warrington, England and the winner of the second season of Britain's Got Talent on May 31, 2008. As t

Does george Sampson have an email address?

I'm sure that he does. However, NOBODY will give it out... also the fact that no one even knows it. I'm sorry... I wish that I could help you. (I've also been searching for th

What is george sampson msn address?

he posted it on his facebook late October & its his real facebook because his mum, Lesley Sampson is friends with him on it & shes also told me that its the real George & to p
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How hot is George Sampson?

george Sampson is totaly hot!!! his msn is george.sampson12@hotmail.com .... he's about 10/10 if you ask me XxX that is not george sampsons email address. there are lo