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Is GC tooth mousse safe for regular use since it contains phosphoric acid. would the acid corrode your teeth?

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It is safe; don't contain phosphoric acid but some phosphates.
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Is phosphoric acid safe to use to stop rust on a birdcage?

Answer . DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF ACID!!!!!!!!!! Clean the cage normaly. If it starts to rust, get a new one. Many chemicals can hurt a bird, weither they just smell it touch

What is phosphoric acid used for?

Phosphoric acid is very widely used and has a number of uses. It is used to remove rust from the surface of metals, to acidify certain foods and drinks and in dentistry to whi

What sodas contain phosphoric acid?

Coke and Pepsi contain phosphoric acid. Any soda that has a colaflavor contains the acid. It is the 'bite' that tingles the tongue.The acid is only at 85 percent so it will no

What are the uses of phosphoric acid?

There are probably dozens I've never heard of but I do know of two at least. Its found in soda pop such as Coke (go ahead read the ingredients on the can to check). Also, it's

Why is phosphoric acid used in coke?

Phosphoric acid is generally used in sodas to give it a tangy flavor and to act as a preservative.

Is phosphoric acid safe?

It depends on the dose! Phosphoric acid has many uses, ranging from a food additive to a toilet cleaner, and dentists use it to descale teeth.

What is the use for phosphoric acid?

phosphoric acid can be used in fertilizers, which supplies macro nutrient phosphorous to plants. it can be used in titrometric analysis.