Is FaceTime free on the iPhone 4S?

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Yes, provided you are using wifi to make the connection.
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How do you get FaceTime on iPhone?

You cannot get FaceTime if you don't have it already. Only the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 support FaceTime. You can find the FaceTime button in any contact on your phone.

What is FaceTime on iPhone?

FaceTime allows you to communicate with family and friends face to face in a video call. You can communicate with others who have an IPhone,IPod,or IPad. FaceTime is free b

Where can you download iPhone 4S games for free?

The free games in the app store r what they have thats free but there is a method called "jailbreaking" that u can perform that uses an app called cidia which pervides almost

How do you get an iPhone 4S unlocked for free?

You can request an unlock from the carrier that the phone is locked to. The carrier will not unlock your phone for free if you still owe them money on a contract, you should s

How do you get a free iPhone 4S?

You really can't get one. All of those websites are a bunch of lies .You eather have to complete offers, get points or get a bunch of refferls and that a waste of time

Does the iPhone 4S have FaceTime?

Yes, the iPhone 4S does have FaceTime. To turn on FaceTime, go to "Settings", click the "FaceTime" icon, and toggle the switch to "on".

Is FaceTime on iPhone 4S free?

YES, It's free. but just can use at apple product. for example: iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S, iPad touch, Recently At&t added Free Facetime over 3G before it was only offered on wi

How do you turn on FaceTime on Verizon iPhone 4S?

FaceTime is enabled on the 4 and 4s by default. to make a facetime call, go into contacts, and find the person you wish to facetime. at the very bottom of the screen, there is

Can you actually get a free iPhone 4S or iPod?

This is sort of a trick, but not really. Here is why. we all see the links to pages that offer deals like free ipads and those types of things. the way they work, is the

How do you get iPhone 4S free?

There really is no such thing as a "free" handset. You will have to do something in order to obtain a "free" handset. There are many websites that state you can get a "free" h

How do you download FaceTime on the iPhone 4s?

There is no way that you can download FaceTime on the iPhone 4S. FaceTime comes already pre-installed on the iPhone 4S. You can turn on FaceTime by going to your "Settings"

How does FaceTime work on the iPhone 4S?

Usually, the FaceTime doesn't "popup" as an app. I don't know why but there is a way. Dial a number and press call, then after that you see the word "FaceTime" at the "bottom-

Does iPhone 4s have free text message?

There's an iMessage feature, with which you may send free "text messages" (I prefer to call this type of communication "instant messaging") to anyone else with an iPhone 4S. I