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We live with an Akita/Shepherd " Hybrid ". I have researched the " mix " extensively. Opinions vary greatly. One hardcore dog fanatic likened breeders who intentionally
mix the two breeds, as irresponsible, saying that there were enough unwanted " mutts "
in the world. I happen to love mutts and believe, that mixes are usually healthier animals,
less subject to inbred predispositions to health problems.
I have also read that some people refer to the Akita/Shepherd mix as a highly desirable
" Designer Breed ", and considered them to be a status symbol. I lean towards this opinion.
Bare in mind that we LOVE this animal, as do just about everyone who meets him.
Historically, the original Akitas were mixed with other breeds to begin with. Great Danes
were one of the breeds that the Japanese mixed them with. I noticed Dane traits before I was privy to that info.
In summary, call Akita/Shepherd a mix, a mutt, a hybrid, or a designer breed. Or you could call it what my Vet called him.....A GREAT DOG.
I am sorry if you were looking for an AKC definition.
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