Is 74 years old too late for Viagra?

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  • Every male before taking Viagra should see their doctor and discuss if this is the best solution for their problem. All medications have side effects. If you have seen the doctor and have no heart problems; lung disorders, etc., then there should be no problem with you taking Viagra at 74.

Is it too late for an 18-year-old to learn ballet?

it's never too late to learn just might be tougher for you to learn the moves i think that you should give it a go! I started late too and I've just received Very

Is Viagra safe for 20 year olds?

Viagra might be used on 18 years old and more. There is some contraindications to that drug and it shouldn't be took without a prescription.

What will Viagra do to a 12 year old boy?

Viagra is a prescription drug. It should only be given by a Doctor for treatment for Erectile Dysfunctions. It will be dangerous for persons to take it without a prescription.