Is 148 on an IQ test considered genius level?

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The short answer is that it depends on the IQ scale you are referring to and even then it would not indicate that someone is actually a genius.
Actually, to join Mensa one has to prove that he or she has scored at or above two standard deviations above the norm (roughly the 98th percentile) on a real IQ test (not one of the ones on Facebook). Then of course one also has to pay membership dues. On the Cattell Culture Fair IQ scale that would be 148. On the Stanford-Binet that would be 132. On the Wechsler that would be 130. A score of 140 on some scales is actually LESS than a score of 130 on other scales and would not quality. An actual score of 140 on the Wechler would be exceedingly rare (1 in 250+), while a score of 140 on the Cattell would be less rare (about 1 in 20). These scales are based on different statistical methods.
Scoring highly on these tests does not certify a person as a genius (a subjective term). A high score simply shows that a person is likely very intelligent. These scales are intended to help with academic and vocational placement. They are not genius detectors. They do not measure the ability of a person to compose music, prose, or create fine art. A score on an IQ test can also be distorted by any number of factors. Individuals from environments with limited access to academic resources have artificially low scores and individuals who are coached to be familiar with tests have artificially high scores.
Usually prodigies and geniuses are considered to have IQs that are not measurable through conventional means. IQ tests are not useful for measuring intelligence above the ceiling of two standard deviations. For an IQ of 160 to 200 one would need to be professionally assessed by a psychologist specializing in the field of psychometric measurement.

Anything over 140 is considered genius level and makes one eligible to join MENSA. However, the test needs to be conducted properly. On line tests are rather inaccurate, as are the 'take at home' types. The most accurate types of IQ tests are taken while the subject is unaware they are being tested.

Additional Info: The actual scores vary depending on the scale used. Different tests use different scales, just there are different scales on a centigrade and a Fahrenheit thermometer.

There is an excellent graphical representation of the standard distribution of I Q tests in the wikipedia article on the subject. (check related links)
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