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Had the same problem and took me awhile to notice this but the tag with the price had this site on it.. www.relicbrand.com. It has instructions for all of them.. I never understood why they didnt just print out a version and give it with the watch..
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How do you remove links from Relic watches?

Take it to the jeweler. I called Fossil and they said that a special tool is needed to remove the link. Could not believe that you need to take this to a jeweler and store sh

How do you adjust the time on relic watch?

Pull the adjustment dial, located on the right side, all the way out and twist it. Push it back in half way and you can adjust the date. Push it back in all the way so your da

Who makes Relic Brand watches?

I'm thinking Relic is a product from Fossil.. More info here: http://northdelta.net/relic.htm

How do you set a digital relic watch?

you press mode button for two seconds to set the time. to set the hour press adj to set the hour. press st/stp once to move to minutes. press adj to set the minutes. this

How much are batterys for relic watches?

It all depends on where you go to get your watche battery. Theres no special battery for this brand of watch. all that is to be accounted for is the size of the battery. You c

Can you supply instructions on shortening a Relic watch band?

Relic watches come with two or three links you can easily remove yourself. Take a look at the band, there should be a few places you can open it. Open all the links that you c