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In what states is the section 8 list now open?

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Section 8 is a federally created and supported program that is operated by individual state Public Housing Agencies (PHA), sometimes listed at "Housing Authority." Once you have applied and have qualified, you will be placed on a list for a voucher. It may take months or years to obtain a voucher, depending on your area. You can apply to several housing authorities though.
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Is the section 8 list open in Georgia?

Section 8 is given out differently in each states counties. Aperson would have to check with the local county Department ofSocial Services to see how to get on the waiting lis

Section 8 wait list in michiganWhere is open section 8 in the state of Michigan?

\nCheck with you local housing authority for a section 8 housing choice voucher. You should also check with the Michigan State Housing Development Authority:\n. \nAddress:\n7