In my dream me and my favorite aunt was fighting over this newborn baby wo both were claiming it was our own child so we went to get it tested but the baby would not let go of me what does this mean?

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I suspect the newborn baby represents yourself. You feel that you are ready to be responsible and take care of yourself. Your aunt thinks that you need her (or your parents) to take care of you. This dream is very common among young people as they struggle to move from childhood through adolescence.
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Do hospitals drug test newborn babies?

yes they do and around where i live they say that it is "random" but they only do it on the natives. well that's my point of view and I'm sticking to it. because why would you

What does your dream mean if you had a baby in your dream?

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Absolutely. Too much activity can cause overstimulation. So can too much noise. Babies are still trying to take it all in. They are in a strange new place and can't see more t

Me and my boy friend both had a dreamed we had a baby on the same night and it felt so real like my heart melted when i was kissing the baby boy . what does that mean?

I can offer my thoughts on what it doesn't mean. It doesn't mean that you and your boyfriend should takes steps to have a baby. Although you and your boyfriend might indeed

Do you have to let your baby go with her father in order to get child support?

No, but only gatekeeper mother would foster another fatherless child onto society. Besides, he can get access rights on his own. I teach fathers how to. You should let the

What does it mean when you dream someone is going to have a baby?

It means that something new and important is developing in your ownlife. The "someone" in the dream represents yourself. The "baby"could be an actual pregnancy (if you have be
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What does it mean when you dream of been crushed by a bus and a lorry and holding a newborn baby?

In dreams, a baby usually represents a project, idea or work that the dreamer feels is very important. For example, to a writer, the book she is writing is her baby. In this d