In a Life Estate tenancy who pays the taxes and insurance on the property the owners or the the tenant?

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The tenant is the owner, fee simple, for his/her lifetime and pays taxes and insurance as anyone would on land they own. Instead of having an heir, a life estate has a 'remainder' (one who remains) and that person takes ownership after the demise of the life tenant because the deed/title was in the remainder's name all along. Yes?
Who pays the mortgage is another question.

No...the owner is the person who will receive it upon the death of the life estate. That is the person who would receive payment from the insurance company if it were, for example, destroyed in a fire while the tenant with the LED was living there. The person with the LED can't mortgage the property; can't sell the property; can't receive payment if the property is destroyed, so the owner would be responsible for paying the insurance and taxes. The LED holder is responsible only for utilities. In fact, the owner is responsible to pay upkeep as weel, because it benefits their future.
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