In WWE wrestling how can you tell moves fake and how is it act out?

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Of Course We All Should Know By Now WWE Wrestling Is Fake...But Their Good Fakes.Im Not Trying To Put WWE Down.I've Been A BIG Fan Of WWE For Years.But Some Of The Moves That Are Performed Are Done Terribly.For Example Tombstone By The Now Retired Undertaker.The Superstar Puts His/Her Head Between The Legs Of The Undertaker To Avoid Risking Any Injury Before He Lays Them Out.But Some Times Those Moves May Come With A Price.For Example At WWEs PPV New Years Revolution (Im Pretty Sure This Is The PPV Where The Incident Took Place) It Was D-Generation X vs Rated-RKO.At The End Of The Match Triple H Hits The Spinebuster On Randy Orton And Tore His Quad In His Right Leg And Was Out For 7+ Months But Returned To Take On King Booker At Summerslam Whom He Defeated.If You Want To See The Moves "Not Work Out As Planned"Then Pay Attention.All Im Saying Is Its Fake...But Entertaining
ANSWER July 2, 2208
First the undertaker is not retired and two lets see you get in there and do what they do then say it is fake. The moves are not fake and the injuries are not fake, the only thing for sure is who will win the match.
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Are the moves in wrestling real or fake?

Answer The moves in wrestling are real, however the intent is not. It is scripted. It is mostly planned out before the event takes place.. It might be more fair to say that

Is the WWE fake wrestling?

Yes. All the moves are planned pre-match and its all safety checked so the 'wrestlers' dont get injured.

Is WWE fake wrestling?

its real and yes its entertainment but i get that

Is WWE World Wrestling Entertainment fake?

No they are not fake. They injure themselves and they get hurt very bad. Yes, they they are trained to not act but to have the balance to not injure their opponents. 77% of th

Is the WWE wrestling entertainment fake?

Yes sir it is fake But there might be fights that are not fake.Ones that aren't advertised on TV before it comes. NO THERE ARE ALLFAKE . There is a difference between scripte

Is WWE wrestle fake?

\n. \nYES!\n. \n. \n Answer \nYes, it is choreographed, but the participants still can suffer real injuries and it is hard on the body physically.

Is WWE wrestling fake or not?

Yes,but the attacks are so real!It's just about the blood and weapons!They look so real.They know who is going to win.P.S My grandma likes watching WWE and doesn't even know t

Is amateur wrestling fake like WWE?

WWE is considered sports "entertainment". The company includes scripted storylines, segments and pre-determined matches. The wrestling is for the most part fake, but they make

Which WWE wrestling moves are faked in a match?

Most of them, the sport is an entertainment event. The athletes are as much actors as they are entertainers. Each competitor plays out a pre-written and rehearsed storyline. T

Wwe wrestling punches real or fake?

"NO they are actors and if they really did punch them they would not hurt cause the person would have punched them softly." - Stupidest Answer. Yes, they are real. If the pu

Is WWE and all wrestling fake?

Very much so, WWE wrestling is FAKE. The fights are staged and the wrestlers are trained to perform the moves so that they don't hurt Pro wrestling is more scripted than fa