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Some answers in which is understandable:DESIGN IS NOT AN EXPENSE - IT IS AN INVESTMENT
Graphic design is not just the difference between beautiful and boring. It is the difference between customers choosing you and choosing your competitors.
A powerful tool for business, graphic design is really not an expense. It is an investment - not only in looking good, but in the success of your business.
Your image is the only thing potential buyers can connect with. Make sure the impression you are making is the right one.
Proper design has the power to:
1. Improve your image and strengthen your brand
2. Make your business stand out from your competitors'
3. Sell your messages to customers more convincingly
All of the above ultimately means one only thing: better business.

Graphic Design is all around us in our society. It is what drives advertising, attracts us to brands and makes public settings enjoyable or "hard on the eyes". With this being said, it is no wonder why Graphic Design is so important to our everyday lives. As times and styles change, the socially acceptable elements of Graphic Design change.
Lets look at some examples of changing design.
In the 1970′s there was a lot of design being done with flowers and Earth Tones. This was due to the state of our society being in the "Hippy" era. Designs were Psychedelic and crazy with floral patterns and fun shapes.
In the 1980′s we found the masses being attracted to bright neon colors and a sort of robotic feel. This was most likely due to the advent of computers and the emergence of technology.
The 1990′s brought us a sort of transition phase to where we are now. I personally cannot think of any defined style or relevance of the 1990′s but it was probably in anticipation of the new millennium.
In this dawn of the new century we have a new style that is prevalent all around us. This is sort of a minimalistic, yet bold approach to design. Quite a few ads and designs are not much more than well placed images with a couple splashes of text and a logo. This style has been driving Websites, print ad campaigns and outdoor media for quite a few years now.
No matter what style of design an individual likes, if they are a designer, they still have to follow some basic elements of the trends around them. Adopting parts of various styles will make a design unique, but making sure it appeals to the masses is what will make the design successful.

Graphics are required in our everyday's life. The strong meaning of graphic stimulates a person to reach at the same moment. All over the world, graphic are being designed by the millions of graphic designers to attract people and increase the sales of a business activity.
To make a graphic really attractive and adorable, proper arrangement of graphics needs to be done. A graphic becomes meaningful when it defines the text given below properly and images to produce a coherent and interesting piece of work, according to the end goal. The purpose of graphic designing is not limited to that only but it plays a special role in improving sales of a company.
Also, the web graphic designs help in improving the look of the layout of a website, attract the viewers, convey the message of the company and stimulate their senses effectively. As simple it may seem, it is lot of hard work.
Things to be taken in consideration while designing a graphic
Graphic designing is a difficult process. While preparing for a design, a graphic designer looks into several factors including audience status, aim of the message, and medium (such as print, online, book or poster).
Once a designer clears all his basic requirements to design a graphic, he needs to organize text and graphics on selected formats and layouts. Fonts, color, size and arrangement of text and graphics are re-looked at and sent for proofreading. Graphic designs also need to take care of the things including its balance, color, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, proportion, proximity, repetition, rhythm, texture, unity, and white space.
In this growing world, the scope of graphic designing has changed a lot. Latest technologies have created new means in this area and new developments can be seen. Now, with the usage of new software and printing technologies, graphic designing has become more flexible and practical. Graphic designs have become an essential part of any website designing.
So, if you want to design a customized website that states your needs and requirements, make sure you keep the graphics as per the demands so that it will benefit your business needs.
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