If you received money from a sibling after he refinanced his home to pay off the share of an estate entitled to you are taxes owed on this money?

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It sounds like what you received was your portion of an inheritance. If that is the situation, based on the facts given, there is no reportable tax occurrence. For inheritances, if what is inherited would have been taxable to the deceased, an IRA for example, then it's taxable to the heirs.

Money is fungible...that is indeterminable from each other. How your brother got the money to pay you is irrelevant. He didn't pay you....the estate did. The payment from the estate is not taxable to you...estate taxes are paid by the estate.
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No. Estate taxes are paid by the estate of the dead person. The person who receives the property or money does not pay the tax. ans Were it as easy as that! Freque