If you receive disability from your job and recently after 3 years received social security disability can your long term disability take your back money and decrease your monthly benefit?

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No. Edited to change answer to YES! If I understand you correctly, you are receiving LTD from an Insurance Policy you had through your Employer or bought yourself. Right? And you were just approved for Social Security and received your backpay - from the time you filed to the time you were awarded. Right? And now your LTD Company is asking for most of that money and have now decreased your monthly benefit by the amount of your Social Security check. Right? This is all VERY LEGAL AND NORMAL! Your LTD company pays you a certain amount - mine pays me 60% of my pre-tax income. Let's just say that is $1,000 (it isn't) And they have been paying you that $1,000 for 3 years. Now, Social Security is going to pay you $700 a month. And they gave you backpay for the past 2 years. Then your LTD company is going to start paying you only $300 a month - $1,000 minus $700 SS Check. You will NEVER receive Social Security Disability of $700 PLUS your $1,000 LTD check. I would assume you would see why this wouldn't happen, right? And your LTD is also entitled to their $700 a month for those 2 years that Social Security paid you for backpay. So you will owe them $16,800 ($700 x 24 months) So the original answer of NO is wrong. If this is the scenerio you are presenting anyway.
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