If you receive a tax refund in January and spend it all and then file bankruptcy in February can the trustees make you pay back the refund?

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No. But it could possibly depend on whether or not the BK was accepted. Dependent on how much the refund was and what it was used for. In general, only the assets that you have at the time you file are included, not monies already spent.  
No, But if you file, next year you will possabily have to pay half of your tax money.
Why would I have to pay half of my tax money on next years taxes?
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Can you receive a tax refund this year if you filed bankruptcy last year?

You need to discuss this with your attorney. Once you receive your tax refund, it's part of your personal assets that could be seized to pay creditors. If you file bankruptc

If you received a sizeable tax refund but spent it before you filed bankruptcy will that money affect you?

Answer . \nThe judge may ask you what it was spent on. Necessities such as food, shelter, utilities etc. are acceptable and a usual answer. You did the right thing. Receive

Will your tax refund be taken to pay back your debt if you file for bankruptcy in New York city?

Answer . Though no one "wants" to file bankruptcy, your question is valid. An income tax return is usually looked at as a lump sum of money to help get back on one's feet.

If you get a large tax refund shortly before filing bankruptcy can you spend it?

Answer . You could, but they will find out about it and if you don't use this money to try and pay creditors then you could be in hot water. I would get some legal advice

Can the Bankruptcy trustee include as part of your estate Tax Refunds which were received prior to the filing of your bankruptcy petition?

Answer . The quick answer would be no. Any money received prior to filing would not be included in your bankruptcy estate and this, not recoverable by the trustee. Any mone

If you file January 22008 will the trustee take your 2007 tax refund?

Yes, they will take some of it. Speak with an attorney about your specific situation. If you can not find an attorney, contact your local Bar association and they will refe

When filing a chapter 13 in the state of Indiana will the trustee take all of the tax refund?

This question has been discussed many times here..and there seems to be no hard and fast rule. Certainly, it depends on several things. Most importantly, is what period the

If you file February 10 2009 will the trustee take your 2008 tax refund?

Very likely...the money being refunded is from what you overpaid into, essentially, a savings account at the IRS with your name on it. Had you had the correct amount withheld,

Will your tax refund be taken to pay back your debt if you file for bankruptcy?

Tax Refunds and Returns There is no specific protection for tax refunds in bankruptcy. As such, the "wild card" exemption* is used to try to protect these funds as much as p

Will you get your tax refund if you file for bankruptcy?

Whether you are entitled to your tax refund will depend on what type of Chapter of bankruptcy you are filing and whether the bankruptcy exemptions can be used to protect the t

How long does it take for a trustee to refund your tax refund after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The tax refund goes into the bankruptcy estate. If your chapter 7 filing did not exempt the refund, the money will be used to pay the trustee and to pay your debts pro rata. T