If you have primary physical custody and want to move to a different county but your custody agreement says you cannot move out of Los Angeles County what can you do to get permission to move?

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In most cases custody agreements are never final, but can be modified as circumstances change. However, if a custody order stipulates that the parent with primary physical custody cannot move from the county, it is necessary to petition the court for permission to move before moving. To build a case for the move before going to court, the custodial parent would most likely need to show that there is a good reason for the move (e.g. a better job or better living situation). That the move will not interfere with the access of the non-custodial parent (e.g. moving from Los Angeles County to Ventura County might not be a problem for the non-custodial parent. If the non-custodial parent is supportive of the move, that should make getting court approval much easier. If the two parents have good communication, the parent with primary physical custody might benefit from laying the groundwork by talking to the non-custodial parent before petitioning the court. That way questions like what school the child or children will attend in the new location, when and how the non-custodial parent will visit or pick up the child, etc. can be worked out in advance. In all custody cases the judge's responsibility is to protect the best interests of the child. Parents wishing to convince a judge should remember to frame their case in terms the overall benefits for the child or children involved.
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