If you eat food cooked in alcohol or wine will it show up on a breathalyzer?

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No. any food that you eat that has been cooked properly in alcohol will not be picked up by a breathalyzer. as said before, alcohol has an extremely low boiling point so the cooking burns it all away very easily. the food still has the taste of the drink but the actual ethanol isn't present.

Actually all of the alcohol can never be cooked out completely. As much as 5% remains after 2 1/2 hours of cooking in a stew-like dish The evaporation of alcohol from a sauce is relative to the ratio of water to alcohol. The less volatile the alcohol becomes the less it will evaporate. This is the reason why high percentage spirits are required to flame, but as soon as the alcohol content drops the flame goes out leaving a rather high percentage of alcohol behind, just not enough to support a flame.
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If you have a glass of wine with dinner will it show on a breathalyzer?

Answer . Yes it will. However, one glass of wine with dinner is legal in British Columbia. You can buy breathalyzer testers at some of your drug stores.

Can recovering alcoholics eat food prepared in wine?

Yes, I don't see why not. The heat of cooking will evaporate any residual alcohol and you will be left with only the taste. Of course it also depends on the person and the dep

Is alcohol in cooking wine?

Yes, cooking wine has alcohol in it. Wine without alcohol in it is called grape juice.

Can recovering alcoholics eat food prepared in alcohol wine or beer?

No! Alcohol does not completely cook out. The physical addiction to alcohol can be beaten with time, it's the psycological addiction that stays forever. Yes that's a rea

How long does alcohol show up on a breathalyzer?

For as long as you are intoxicated Another View: Until your body metabolizes the alcohol in your blood it will continue to be excreted in your breath even in minute, but me

Will wine in food show up in alcohol urine test?

Generally when you are cooking with wine, the alcohol burns off leaving just the flavor. Obviously, you can't cook a dish, pour wine all over it, turn the heat off, serve it

What will show up on Breathalyzer a besides alcohol?

The short answer is many things. Some types of inhalers can show up for 30 to 60 minutes; strong mouthwash sometimes for 10 minutes; and to a lesser degree dental adhesives an

How long after drinking alcohol will it take not to show up on a breathalyzer test?

There are a large number of factors to be taken into account. How much alcohol? How quickly? How much do you weigh? These all affect the indication and testing. A 200 pou

Is cooking wine considered alcohol?

It IS alcohol by way of the fact that it is made in exactly thesame way as an 'expensive' wine. It is perfectly capable of gettingyou drunk if you consume enough... HOWEVER -