If you are forced to give up your parental rights in the state of Illinois can you be forced to pay child support?

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In most cases the court has the power to permanently terminate parental rights but require the parent(s) to pay all or partial support of the minor child/children. Cases are adjudicated on an individual basis.
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In the state of Ohio if a non-custodial parent gives up all parental rights to his children does he still have to pay child support?

Actually I questioned once how someone would give up their parentalrights in the state of Ohio and I was informed that in the State ofOhio you cannot give up your parental rig

If a mother has not seen her child in six years hasn't called and has not paid child support can she be forced to give up all parental rights?

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When I give up parental rights do you have to pay child support in the state of Maryland?

It may help to understand the point of view of the law. You have a child. You are responsible to care for and provide forthat child until it becomes an adult. Almost nothing

Can a stepfather be forced to pay child support in Illinois?

Only if he adopts the child and he and the other parent later separate/divorce. . There may be some variable for interpretation here. If he's the child's only parental influe