If the mother of a child has sole custody and the father has visitation rights can she give the child away to someone else besides the father without the fathers consent?

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No she can't. If her ex is a good man and a good father when he has visitation rights then she has no right to tear the child away from him. He can fight it in a court of law. Before one acts out of haste they should consider the child and what their feelings are. They may not understand the total issue, but they do know who their mother and father are and that's all they need to know. The two of you should put the child first and each other second.
These are only reasons why the father should no longer have further contact with his child:
  • Sexual abuse
  • Not turning up when he is suppose to take the child or visit the child leaving the child feeling alone and depressed
  • The father hangs around with a bad gang or bad friends
  • If the father does drugs and can't be clean enough when he comes to visit his child.
  • If the father is an alcoholic and can't come to visit the child when sober
 I agree with the above but want to add that if you for some reason do not want your child then you should not have sole custody. Just because you do not want her does not mean you should be so ignorantly spiteful and selfish as to keep her from the father - give her to the father then you won't have the issue of having her anymore. You should not punish or blame the child for any issues you have with the father - that has nothing to do with her. You don't deserve to have a child with attitude such as this.
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