If muriatic acid is safe to pH the water in swimming pools can water that is just pH'ed with the acid be used on house plants?

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If the water you are intending to use has been brought to Ph of 7.2 as is normally done in swimming pools then there is no problem at all using it to water plants.
No. Do not use this acid mixed with anything to water your houseplants. Muriatic acid is extremely dangerous and is a matter between life or death

Please check out the weblink at the lower left and you will see why. You can also ask an employee of a pool supply company if this is a dangerous practice or not.
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What will make muriatic acid dissipate and the pH increase in a swimming pool?

You have two things that contribute to your high use of acid. The walls of your plaster pool actually absorb some of the acid over time as the walls continue to cure. This is

What ratio of water to muriatic acid should you use to clean your pool cartridge filters?

The ratio is 1 part muriatic acid to 20 parts water.. Answer . The instructor at Watson's stated the ratio should be 1/2 gallon of muriatic acid for a 35 gallon garbage ca

Can you use muriatic acid to clean swimming pool filters?

YES. USE ABOUT TWO PARTS WATER ONE PART ACID. LET THEM SOAK FOR A FEW HOURS THEN RINSE. Muriatic acid can be used to clean filters, HOWEVER there is a proper sequence to clean

What are the alternatives to using muriatic acid to lower the PH in a swimming pool?

Answer . There are 3 principal chemicals for lowering pH: muriatic acid, sodium bisulfate (dry acid) & CO2.\n. \nIf this is a commercial application then CO2 may be a via

How much water is in muriatic acid?

Answer . Muriatic acid is considered concentrated Hydrochloric acid. At STP the maximum soluble concenration is about 37.5% HCl. You will usually titrate it to 36% HCl and

Will muriatic acid lower pool water hardness?

Answer: No . \nMuriatic acid will not lower the Harness(calcium chloride)level in a swimming pool. Dilution is the only effective method to lower the calcium hardness leve

Can you use muriatic acid in a salt water pool?

Disclaimer: I know next to nothing about fish.\n. \nThat said: if you want to lower the pH, muriatic acid will certainly do so, and it won't introduce any ions to a salt wate

Muriatic acid uses for swimming pools?

Muriatic Acid is used to lower the pH in swimming pools.. It's also used to lower alkalinity. But, there's a way to lower pH and really not touch the alkalinity, and vice ver