If I'm retired do i have to pay taxes?

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Yes, unless you have an unusual situation. You may want to talk to a local tax professional.
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What states do not tax retirement pay?

There are different kinds of retirement pay. Some, such as Illinois, exempt all retirement pay from taxes. Others exempt Social Security benefits, and/or military pensions, an

Do you pay the same income taxes when you retire?

There are no different tax artes for people claiming to be retired if that's what you mean. Your tax is on income, whether you work at a job, ot make it through other means.

Why do you have to pay taxes if you work and retired?

Do you think that a retired AIG executive who is receiving a $10 million annual pension should be exempt from taxes? We base income taxes on how much you make. We give a ge

Do you have to pay Alabama state tax if you are retired?

Retirees are not exempt from paying Alabama state tax. However, Alabama does not tax Social Security, Federal retirement benefits, Alabama state retirement benefits, and pe

Do you have to pay taxes on your SS and your state retirement?

Yes, I have to pay federal taxes on my NC state retirement but not state income tax. Not all of my social security is taxable, depending on my adjusted income. The amount of s

If you work after retirement do you pay taxes on that?

Yes. As long as you are still living and have enough gross worldwide income you will be required to file income tax returns and pay any income taxes that may be due. Even so

If I'm retired do i have to pay state taxes?

Yes it is very possible that would have to pay some state income taxes when you report all of your gross worldwide income on the income tax return for the year.

Do you pay taxes on Social Security when retired?

The answer depends on your individual circumstances. If you are retired and Social Security benefits are your only source of income , you may file, but generally will not

Do you pay Social Security taxes after retirement?

Yes, unfortunately this is the case. It's a pro-rated amount after your AGI exceeds a certain threshold. The generally increased per year so you can check the IRS web page or

What percent do retired people pay in taxes?

Retired people don't pay taxes, they get paid instead by the government. ans The above is entirely wrong. I suspect he may mean that "retired" people get social securi

Do you pay tax on rented property when you are retired?

Real estate taxes are charged to the owner of real estate not the renter. Indirectly the renter is paying for a portion of the real estate tax in the rental rate being charged
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Do I have to pay taxes on my retirement?

Yes, you have to pay taxes on your retirement at a rate determined by your retirement income, which should be much lower than your working income. Yes, you have to pay taxes o