If a motion for relief of stay has been granted in a Chapter 13 case is there any defense?

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The best approach would be to work with the Creditor's attorney to come up with some kind of agreement.
You can also move to have the stay reimposed or ask the Judge to reconsider lifting the stay.  
If the motion for relief from stay has been granted, you no longer have a defense. The time to raise a defense would have been right after the motion was filed by obtaining a hearing date and opposing the motion. The creditor is not required to negotiate with you, but you should at least try again.
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What is a motion for relief from stay in a chapter 7?

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Is there anything else you need to do if you have a non-paying tenant who has filed chapter 13 and you have filed a small claims case and a motion for relief of stay?

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How do you file for a motion for relief from the automatic stay in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

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If a motion for relief of stay is granted for only one debtor what does the other debtor do?

Hard question to answer since...foolish me...I thought CREDITORS asked for relief from stay...a debtor would never want one to be granted and would normally oppose it strongly

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You need to prove you are a secured creditor or are otherwise entitled to proceed with a claim against the debtor. If you are a secured creditor, you need to prove the debt