If a baby breaks out in a cold sweat and drops in body temperature what temperature is too low?

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four degrees Fahrenheit
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What is too low of a temperature for a newborn baby?

97.5 is too low. Our NICU would not release our baby unless he could keep his temp above this on his own (open air bassinet wearing clothes and blankets). Our ped was concerne

Is 67.8 too low a body temperature?

YES. Anything below 95F can indicate a serious health problem. Usually with the thyroid or adrenal gland, though it could be a slew of other issues. A temp of 67.8 would requi

What happens to mammals when their body temperature drops too low and why does the body display such a reaction?

When a mammal's body temperature drops below the normal temperature at which most body functions remain functioning, they are said to be in a state of hypothermia. Hypothermic

Is body temperature of 34.9 too low?

Anything below 35C is considered Hypothermia. I just had 34.9 myself after a cool day and a frozen berry smoothie. I was cold as heck and checked on Wikipedia and it said anyt
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What occurs when the body temperature is too low?

When a person's body temperature is too low they can become hypothermic or enter into a state of hypothermic shock if their temperature stays too low for an extended period of