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If One parent has full custody but child wants to live with noncustodial parent?

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They recently changed the laws of custody, No one parent has full custody UNLESS they see the other parent as unstable and unfit.

If the parent you want to live with has been deemed unfit as a parent then it will have to be taken to court or you can contact certain child organizations to give you more details about how to leave your current home and return to the home of an "unfit parent"

However if one parent obtained full custody of the child and the other parent was not deemed unfit as a parent, you may still live with them because of the recent change in custody laws, stating no one parent can have full or primary custody.

(in other words, if your mom has full custody and your dad has none ((Also assuming the father hasn't been charged with being a drug addict, alcoholic, or financially unstable etc.)) you may live with the father)
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