If Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth how do we have so many people living on the Earth?

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Adam and Eve were mythological. The most recent common female ancestor, trace through mitochondrial DNA, (we will call her "Eve") would have lived about 150 to 230 thousand years ago, in southeast Africa.

The most recent common male ancestor, traced through the Y chromosome, (we will call him "Adam") was between 60 and 140 thousand years ago. It is therefore highly unlikely Adam and Eve ever met.

Regardless of whether there was only one family or one small group of humans, the reason that there are vastly more people today is that the birth rate exceeded the death rate. When that happens, a population expands.
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By the time Adam and Eve died how many people lived on earth?

The Bible is not clear on this score - Genesis 5:4 simply says that Adam begat sons and daughters. However, the story of Adam and Eve is not supported by science and thus not

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It would be best if you would open your Bible to the beginning, Genesis and go to chapter 2 and read the account of God creating Adam and Eve I will post it for you to read an

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Answer We know with certainty that people have lived on earth for millions of years now, so anyone supposedly created six thousand years ago could not possibly have been the

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Since Adam and Eve are Biblical characters we first need to referto other aspects of Biblical data for a complete answer. Modernscience, together with sociology also has some

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Humans were essentially hunters and gatherers. They had developedthe use of fire. But they did not live a settled existence, insteadfollowing herds of animals on their migrati

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Scientists believe that the first humans lived 4.4 million yearsago in Ethiopia. Christians believe that God put the first humanson Earth a few thousand years ago.

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Adam and Eve had both sons and daughters. This is recorded in Genesis 5:4. Thus there were both men and women who had children, they weren't all directly created as Adam and E

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One view: Yes , it seems most likely that Adam and Eve were the very first people on earth. But this likelihood draws upon the definition of a person as capable of certain

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Not all Christians believe the story is literally true; it was often taken as allegorical. The story appears in the Christian bible, so as Christians are encouraged to take bi