I have a Lump in my back on the right side near the ribs?

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Go read this webpage and see if that's what you have. http://www.doctorslounge.com/oncology/forums/backup/topic-14388.html
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What are lumps on the back right side of the head?

Ok I found out what mine is-it's a bone tumor but it's harmless.The only bad thing it can do is press my nerves and give me a headache.Ofcourse,i'll want to remove it,because

What should you do about a lump on the right side of the back of your neck?

I knew an old lady(94 yrs old) who has now passed away of old age, that had that exactly but it caused her pain, was always there since a fall that caused an injury that cause

What is the Lump below my right rib?

It is quite possibal it is an organ of somesort, if it was u would probly have some sort of pain or weird feeling when touching it. The best advice is to ask your doctor.

What is A soft lump below rib cage on right side?

soft oblong lump under right side rib cage. I have had stomach problems for about 6 weeks now. I just noticed the lump last week and had my doctor look at it. I just had a ct

I have a lump on the right side of your lower back what is this and why is it painful?

Well I only have been studying this sort of thing for six mouths but sounds like one of the nerves might have been enlarged some how push closer to the surface causing the lum

What could a tender lump on right side of rib cage mean?

The first thing I'd expect it to be is an insect sting or bite. It's also possibly a tumor or cyst, but then I need to mention (as everyone worries) that malignant tumors gene

Lump on left side of rib?

Could be something or nothing, see a Dr, this is not a health forum worthy of guessing about your health. Lumps are often benign, but what if this one isn't. Don't be scared,