I cannot afford to hire an Attorney so how complicated is it and is it advisable for an individual to file for Ch 7 bankruptcy without legal representation when they own nothing and have no income?

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Anything involving the law is complicated. I will not advise you. This is not for legal advise. This service suggests. How much do you owe? To whom? Has it been adjudicated? What is going on? If you owe thousands and the bill collectors are hounding you, it might be worth it to get them off your back. If you owe a few hundred dollars and have a job, you might want to avoid having a bankruptcy on your record. What is your situation? Some stationery stores sell legal forms. You might get a form for bankruptcy and see what it entails.
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Why pay an attorney to file Ch 7 when you are unable to pay credit card debt and only have social security income and no assets?

%REPLIES%. Answer . If a person is judgment proof filing bankruptcy would not be needed. The reason this is done in the majority of the cases is (1) To protect the consume

Do you need an Attorney to file chapter 7 bankruptcy?

You CAN FILE FOR CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY , but you must understand the BANKRUPTCY RULES. Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves much more than just the filling o

We gave the attorney 1750 to file our ch 13 bankruptcy and he filed it although he told us a week later that we were over the secured asset limit so it had to dismiss?

I agree, presuming you provded him with the info before he said he would work on your behalf, he should have advised you that you didn't qualify. However, if you said, we want

Is there an income limit or ceiling for filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes, but it may be very difficult for you to determine your own eligibility for a Chapter 7 filing. Attorneys have automated software programs to assist them with this questio

Does long term disability count towards means test as income when filing ch 7 bankruptcy?

Yes it does. Any form of income counts towards calculating your means test. Social Security incomes do not count as income. I just visited my lawyer today. The only question

If you file bankruptcy Ch 7 in December 2008 in the state of Florida middle district will your income tax refund for 2008 be taken away?

Very likely...the refund is because you had more money than needed withheld from your paycheck and pu in (essentially) a savings account at the IRS to pay your eventual liabil

How do i file chapter 7 without an attorney?

I should start by saying that all bankruptcy courts strongly urge people to use an attorney for this matter. That being said, Petition Preparers are services that will arran

If you filed for ch-7 bankruptcy in November of 2002 when can you refile for ch-7?

Generally, you cannot be discharged of debt under Chapter 7 if you received a Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 discharge within the six years before the filing of this petition or if y

Can you file bankruptcy without the attorney fees?

An individual can file bankruptcy without an attorney, and therefore file without attorney fees. But the process is complicated and would require a person who is knowledgeable

What can someone do if they cannot afford to pay any more money to the attorney they hired?

Alright you low life clients and especially the sleaze or sleazette who made this inquiry. Here are your answers. Whether in criminial or civil matters, in circumstances wher

Can a person file Chapter 7 bankruptcy without an attorney?

Yes, this is called in pro se. However, most of the pro se cases are not successful and are eventually dismissed. Shop around, any competant lawyer can handle and bankruptcy f

I cannot afford an attorney. My partner in business is filing a petition and a restraining order on me. Should I go to the hearing for the filing of the petition without an attorney?

No. Often times you can hire a free student lawyer. These lawyers are supervised by the Law Professors at the University and can represent you in court to the best of their ab

Is it the responsibilty of your attorney in chapter 7 bankruptcy to advise you if there are any judgments against the real property you own that is exempt in the filing?

First off, I have no idea how a real property you own would be exempt from any bankruptcy filing. If it is exempt for some reason, it could only be exempt from use as an asse

How soon after filing bankruptcy ch 7 can you buy a house?

If the chapter 7 is still open, you cannot buy a house. If you have received your discharge and the case is closed (usually 6 months from the filing date), you should not have