I am 36 weeks with a baby that's already 6.5 lbs i am miserable. my doctor sucks and the past 3 days ive been having contractions nothing real is it safe for the baby to take castor oil?

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It's not uncommon for some women to feel pretty uncomfortable when this far along in pregnancy and just want it over with. Most doctors will give up to 2 weeks past the due date to be on the safe side, so try to hang on for that extra 2 weeks. If nothing happens after that then talk to your doctor and I'm sure he'll induce labor. Take care of yourself and nix the castor oil! As miserable as you feel you want a healthy baby. There is an old way of bringing on labor and it's safe and it's lightly scrubbing the kitchen floor! No kidding! Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. DON'T ingest anything to bring on your baby. An early Congratulations! Answer the baby will come when it's ready to come all caster oil will do is give you a bad case of diarreha
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If you're 36 weeks pregnant and you took castor oil and now your contractions are 5 minutes apart when should you go to the doctor?

Answer . Call the hospital now! If they are constantly 5 minutes apart you need to get there ASAP! Even if it's false labor it's still hard false labor--and they will eithe

At 34 weeks pregnant can you take castor oil to help have the baby now?

Need to correct the above answer. At 37weeks your baby is not considered premature. At 37 weeks you are considered full-term! Answer At 34 weeks pregnant, Your baby has not

You are 36 weeks and been contracting now since 31 weekswas in labor at 31 do you think castor oil will work for me doc says its safe to have baby now i am tired of hurting what would you do?

Answer . I tried that with my first child. I don't suggest it. I didn't go into labor, but I crapped myself silly!\nTry pinching your nipples, or getting your man to do it

Is castor oil safe for the baby if taken to induce labor?

Castor oil is really not recommended to try and induce labour. It often causes vomiting and diarrhea, which isn't something you want during labour. It is also proven not to be

When is it safe to take castor oil?

It is generally safe to take Castor oil for constipation, except during pregnancy. It is contraindicated in pregnancy, specially in late pregnancy, as it can precipitate the l

You are 39 weeks pregnant 1cm dialated and 50 effaced you are so tired and ready to have this baby already the doctor said his head is down in the right position and you would like to try castor oil?

Caster oil can be a VERY uncomfortable way to begin labor. It is a laxative with powerful capabilities. I myself have used it 2x (have 4 children) and it honestly never worked

Will castor oil hurt your unborn baby at 38 weeks?

Yes, castor oil is dangerous as it can 1. trigger labour 2. cause the baby to have a bowel movement before birth which can be potential fatal. I was super overdue and looked

Is it safe to tan after having a baby 3 weeks ago?

Purposely tanning is never a good idea--it increases the risk of skin cancer, prematurely ages skin, and can cause painful burns. Sunblock should be worn whenever your skin is

39 wks with baby at plus 3 station 90 percent thinned out and 4 centimeters no real contractions will labor start soon if not what should I try castor oil I tried with another birth nada happened?

Why would you try to speed up a birth that isn't even past the due date yet?. Let nature take it's course...you will go into labor when the baby and your body are ready. Tryi