I already have maestro remote control lights in my house Is there a universal touch screen remote that will control your TV system Lights and Air conditioner?

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There are many to choose from ranging in price from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars. You will have greater reliability and a better user interface with the more money you spend. Companies include RTI, Universal remote, Control 4, Crestron, Amx, Savant, Elan, HAI. Often you would need to replace components with ones that will talk to each other. For a fully integrated system it is best to work with a dedicated audio video company for the best results. Many good companies can be found through CEDIA (consumer electronics design and installation association)
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How do you test TV remote control signal light?

Use a camcorder. Put the camera in "Camera" mode (for recording) and look through the camera's viewfinder while aiming the remote directly into your line of sight. Make sure t

Are universal tv remote controls reliabale?

There are many different brands of universal tv remote controls that are reliable. The best way to find a reliable controller is to read the reviews that people summit.

Where can you buy a cheap universal TV remote control?

Cheap Universal TV remote controls can be bought at most general electric stores or stores that also specialise in electronics. They can also be bought cheap online on many st

Can you use tv remote control to control air conditioner?

No, you can buy a remote control to turn power on and off. Good electrical retail outlets sell these. What you should take into consideration is the rating for the power to be