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Human Life expectancy without food and water?

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The life expectancy of a human who has no food or water will depend on their age at the time. A human can live as long as 7 to 10 days without water and up to three weeks without food.
My brother is in a hospice and he can't eat are drink water because he is unconscious. I want to know how long he can live.

Now this matters with cost of living.
If you can make tripping health bottles (glucose) into your brother's body, the problem in it decreases.
Several days without water, 2-3 weeks without food
A person can survive at most for a week without water. It is possible to survive for a month or longer without food (fat people will survive longer than thin people, without food).
Thirst would kill before hunger would, and the most a person could go without water would be three days (unless you were in the desert, in which case, you could die of dehydration in mere hours).
In moderate temperatures, and with very little exercise, a person can survive an average of 3-5days without water.

You can live without food for a lot longer - you begin to "starve" after 3 days - when your body begins to produce ketone bodies. Although it will differ depending on fat stores, an average person can survive for about 3 weeks without food.
An average person can live for 4 to 6 weeks without food. The body cannibalizes the fat reserves and finally consumes it's own muscle tissue. Without water, a person would last less than a week.
4 to 7 days. But if you drink your own urine it possible to survive up to 14 days
about 3-7 days with out water and up to 4 weeks without food, and it would also depend on your weight, temperature and how active you are, also how healthy you are, and how much your body sweats and gives out waste.
3 days without water, 14 days without food.
without food for two weeks, provided the person has water.
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