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You know you love someone because when you look at him or her you feel shy and very weird. I Hope this helped!
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What if she does not love you?

she is probably into someone else or she just not ready for a relationship. there are some girls who say that to see what you would still go after her to see if your the one for her. if thats not the case then suck it up and get over it

Why do i love?

Answer . It's a natural human function to love, fall in love, and be in love. Everyone loves somebody. I mean I don't know anyone that doesn't , do you?its easy to love you just gotto have somebody to love i mean like what gay idiot would keep him self bloked off from the world ,thats stupid . you should always keep an open heart.

How do you no you in love?

Answer . you really don't have to be obsesive with it... love doesn't come if you wait for it... a lot of people think that if you agree dating someone who loves you love will come along sometime. it's not true. all you have to do is wait. wait for the write girl to come. you don't need me to tell you how do you know... you will fell it alone... you will not be able to speek next to her... you will totally loose your toung and mind... you will stare at her and even when she is not there you will think about her..... wish you luck...

How do you get her to love you?

be as sweet as you can be dont lie be real and dont try to be the cool one and find out what she loves . give her alot of attention as possible and take it slow buy her things let her chose wht to eat tell her how you feel

How can you love?

Love for the first time, I see the girl. she looks like a beauty heroin. so I decided to friendship. after some day's I call you. & Say's I love you. for that day I falling in love . Indian Matrimony Another answer True love does not happen in a day. You can be attracted to a person and think they are really cute and nice but those feeling are not true love especially at a young age and if it's your first puppy love (infatuation), relationships. Don't get me wrong, it is possible and has happened that a couple will meet (young age) go through school together and end up getting married and living a happy life together. You really need to find out and learn about the person's personality, habits I think before you can truly respect who they are.

Can you get to your love?

yes your destiny takes you to your love u just have to follow it and dnt worry it will give you signs of it

Why does he not love you?

Usually guys stop liking girls because they are fat, annoying, stupid, and snotty. be nice to your lover. FEED HIM FRIES! hahahaha just kidding, but seriously you gotta be nice or he will leave you. AND DONT EAT TOO MUCH!

How do you love her?

tO dO,, Be Nice tO Her,, Treat Her like shes the best persOn in the wOrld,, When yOu dO sOmethink wrOng, Say sOrry, lOOk intO her eyes,, kiss her,, make her feel happy,, buy her things, shOwer her in Presents,, x Give her all the attentiOn she needs x nOt tO dO,, Blank her Then deny it,, That's just AnnOying,, Never Cheat On her,, And leave her HeartbrOken,, dOn't Slag her Off infrOnt Of yOur Mates, That's Just Nasty,

Why are you in love?

Well when you is a male/female that is attractive or has a nice personality then your brain tells you that he/she I the one for you.

You love her but does she?

If she realy does love you, it won't be hard to find out. Just ask her. And tell her you do- us girls love it when the pressure on us isn't on us to answer first to a big question.

You love but she do not?

I know it's difficult when you find yourself loving someone that doesn't love you, and most of us have been there before. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to learn to love yourself so that you aren't reliant on her feelings to give you contentment or acceptance. It's also important to realize and accept that, although you can make yourself available and attractive to her, you cannot make her love you. This is just a fact of life.

But i love you?

well, i already have a boyfriend so sorry. but we can still be friends right?

To be love is?

To be love is like to fill happy about yourself and who you really are and knowing someone loves you because you are special to them

Why you are love him?

i love him because he is nice we have the same personalities and like do some of the oppsite things.

Why we have a love?

The Reason we have love is to express our feelings for another person if it is of the opposite sex or noT. HAPPY LOVING .

You love her but can not have her?

If either one of you is involved with others, direct your energies elsewhere or end your current relationship and wait. Sneaking around will only come back to bite you , and maybe get you in trouble as well .

Why do he love me?

its the way you are that he fell for....let him know that your not into him so that he can move on.

How do you get her in love with you?

well you can easily say its not easy unless its uncontrolable l0ve to both of the sides .. well love is a very strong thing that no one really has control over .. find out what she likes ask to hang out .. DON'T STALK HER !. us girls hate that !!!!. just be yourself and your time will come !

Why can not i love?

If you open your heart to love you loe but if you keep hiding or scare of little things about love you want fall in love at all.. If you open your heart to love you loe but if you keep hiding or scare of little things about love you want fall in love at all.

If your in love?

If it's a girl and you are a guy you could give her flowers. Girls like flowers and say "I love you." Or you could just tell the girl that you like her. Or you could ask the person out for dinner.

What is I love you?

Love is defined as a strong constant feeling of affection. In mostcases love is an expression used in relationships like a romanticrelationship, a parent-child relationship, a relationship withfamily members, and relationships with friends. When a person says"I love you" to another person, they are expressing a deep emotionof care for the other person. Care for the other person includesthe desire for the other person's happiness, for the other person'swell being, and for the other person's best interests at all timesin all situations. Love has many meanings and is defineddifferently by people. The real emotion can be known if it isunconditional. Love has no conditions attached to the emotion.

Is she love?

she love me but same she wont get marry with some one how i can fell her love

What is where is the love about?

i think you cant find love but if you can you find love in person that you really like and you are willing to be with forever but be careful who you find love in!!!

When do you no if your in love?

This, of course, is all relative, but I felt it when my heart was lifted simply hearing her voice on the phone, or having my worldview changed in an instant by being around her, or never wanting it to end when I was kissing her. Sorry if that got too personal lol but I hope that helps in some way

Does i love me?

Well tahts up to you. You can love yourself adn you can hate. So its pretty much up to you.. Well tahts up to you. You can love yourself adn you can hate. So its pretty much up to you.. Well tahts up to you. You can love yourself adn you can hate. So its pretty much up to you.

What can love do?

Make you crazy(:

What to do when in love?

Always say I love you . Goodbye kiss . Share the love . That's all i can tell you

You in love with me?

well if you don't want to go to emotions on club penguin as well as giving someone your heart press h+e at the same time so a heart comes up

Can you get love?

If you find the right guy, be urself, don't overdo makeup (for girls), keep the conservation and going and you just gotta love the guy or girl

Why did you love me?

WHEN A GIRL ASK THIS FROM A GUY THEN she means it from her broken her broken heart that cries

How you get the that you love?

if that "the that you love" is a guy just be his friend and make sure you love him for real love and if its a girl, ask her out! tell her how u feel! she WILL mel in ur hands (most of the time) unless ur a jerk!

How can you get out from love?

by forgetting about the person you love and remembering to be strong and that love goes and comes around

What can you do if you in love?

you can probley go up to the person and talk with them or even, become friends with their friends so u can get closer to the person you like.

How can you get love?

One view point: . Spiritually, you are loved, no matter what. God loves you regardless of how the world views you, so remember you'll always have that. . You can get love from being a pet owner and by raising an animal. Animals normally show unconditional love when they do show it, as they desire affection and to be cared for and needed like humans do. . You can get love from your family or friends by getting to know them better than you thought, and showing them they have someone there to lean on when they are in trouble. Also by just being fun to hang around, by listening when they feel no one else is, or by giving advice when they so desperately need and want it. . You should remember to love yourself and who you are, and that can be one of the simplest and also hardest loves to come by. You can do so by seeing worth in your actions and things and people you care for. See yourself as having a purpose, even if you believe it's small, it's needed for any big purpose to gain way. . To get love from another you may be in love with is near impossible if they simply don't feel that way. However, you can be yourself and show how much you care for them while showing an undying kindness towards them whether they are in love with you or not. In the end, they may not be in love with you, but may still love you for being there. And there is still a possibility they may fall in love with you because they see you in a different light than what they first saw.

What can love do for you?

It can bring you to a whole new world of happiness, or, a different dimension. You will feel different about life and you will have someone that you love fill the hole of your heart.

What you can do to he love you?

dont tell her she's ugly even though she probably is if your asking this question

Why you have loves?

nobody knows why you love..... i guess its just cause you feel right with that person and then u can determine if you ACTUALLY love that person or if its just a friendship............. hope this helped tell me if it did or not if it did great if it didnt tell me and ill explain it more:)

Do i love her or not?

If you think about her all the time, worry about her, want to help her, want to be a very good friend of her, want to support her and lead her to the right way and if you like her qualities instead of her beauty then that is love..! If you like her the way she is and do not want her to change then that is love... if you think about her, and you get a smile on your face then yes that is love... there is no perfect definition of love!!

How not to love them?

You can Hate them... but I strongly would advice you dont do that. Trying to forget someone you Love is like trying to remember someone you never knew. Only time and space can help you too loose interest

How do you do it if she is not love you?

There is nothing you can really do. Wait. Everyone has someone that loves them for who they are. Do not change yourself so that others may love you. Because true love is when two people love each other for who they are. Your love will come. The question is, do you have the courage, the faith and the belief, even when it becomes unbelievable or unbearable, that she is there somewhere waiting for you too. You will know. Just trust in God. For we are born from love and we are born for love.

What is answer of i love you?

If someone you loves says I love you, you reply as I love you too...! but if its someone should let the person know about what you feel about him/her.. p

How do you get them to love you?

First off, I'm glad of your choice of questioning. Second. Its easy. Be yourself, no one likes someone fake. Also show off your good side. I don't just mean looks. I mean your personality etc etc. Also, get to know them as well so they don't feel like its ALL about you. Step 1 FRIENDS This builds the relationship to being steady. Step 2 CLOSER Show them your interested but don't make it obvious. Or else you just look desperate. Step 3 DATE Take them out, have a good time. Show then your good side. then you take it from there :) Weather they want you or not, they'll decide :)

I love her?

Answer this- Could you imagine not loving her? Do you sometimes imagine seeing you two together? If I asked you do you love her, what would you reply with?

Why is he in love with you?

Don't get to hung up over this sort of stuff. Just be happy that someone loves you! I mean that's a wonderful thing!. You don't have to see what your partner sees in you, if we all did that then we'd all be head over heels in love with ourselves!. If you really want to know, ask him!. If it actually hurts you to not know why he has deep feelings for you, then I suggest working on your self esteem and confidence..

What do you do if no loves you?

Nothing, Nothing at all. My Answer: To have others love us we have first to love ourselves. This means each day wake up and face the day with a positive outlook and treat yourself well. If you can do this every day you will find that others respond favorably towards you and those who do not do not hurt us so much.

Why she does not love you?

she does'nt like you because maybe you try to hard to get to her try something less annoying maybe it will work it may not work if you have tried to hard to long! *same thing that happened to me**he is so annoying*

What can you do when am in love?

tell your crush that u love him/her [give him/her a bunch of flowers , ring or a card....that person will love u a lot!!] take my advice it will help u a lot!!

How to be loved?

To be loved, you should love yourself. You want to make sure that you have positive people in your life. This can ensure that you are loved to the best of someone's ability. Make sure that you are lovable first.

I love you?

The phrase "I love you" is commonly known as a saying to showyour interest, respect, or affection for another person. This canbe used if in a certain case someone feels deep affection forsomeone. Often, this feeling or deep affection is recognized aslove. . In certain cases, it can be used as a saying to express yourgratefulness for someone's actions. For example, Felicity can get areport that Oliver needed, and Oliver may say, "I love you." Thisis another way of saying "Thank you." . I love you can also represent your respect for something. If yourespect and/or enjoy something, such as your hometown or acharacter, you might say you love it. For example, you could say "Ilove Colorado." or "I love Wonder Woman." . "I love you" can also be commonly known as a friendly phrasesaid between family and friends. It can be considered romantic,friendly, or family-oriented. For example, Steve might say "I loveyou." to Diana if he has romantic feelings for her. Cisco might say"I love you." to Caitlin if they have friendly feelings toward oneanother. Robbie might say "I love you." to Stephen if they arefamily. . "I love you" can be represented in many ways. One of which is"143", representing the amount of letters in each word. A heart,represented by cupping each hand in a "c" form and putting themtogether can also represent love. A heart emoji can represent love.A kiss or "blown kiss" hand gesture can also represent thisaffection. . EXTRA FACT: The symbol of the heart is not actually what ahuman's heart looks like; when you put two hearts together, the heart symbol is made. This is how the "heart symbol"was created- by putting two hearts together.

Do you no what love is?

Science fiction author Robert Heinlein defined "love" this way; Love is the state of mind in which another person's happiness and well-being is more important to you than your own happiness and well-being.