How to turn on a Philips tv without a remote control?

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You have to have a remote
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How does a TV remote turn a TV on?

Remote controls use infra-red light to transmit signals to the television. Electronic components in the hand control convert the button pushes into a stream of pulses that are

How do you turn on an acoustic solutions tv without the remote?

Press the power switch at the side of the tv. This will put it into stand-by, with the blue power light visible at the front. Using the buttons on the side of the tv, press CH

What are the codes for a Philips remote when you have a sanyo tv?

The codes relate to the tv set and not the remote. Google the set or sanyo and you will get the code. You then need a universal remote to programme to that code or the instr

How do you auto tune a Philips tv without a remote?

unfortunately you can't. I have the same problem, moving house, i lost it. i gaffed around for a long time, but in the end, after scouring the depths of the tinter web and a f