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How to offer girl for sex?

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You give her wine.
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If you had someone you really liked would you cheat on her just because you are a man and just because some sexy girl offered you sex?

Answer . \nDo you know what squirrels gather? NUTS! That's exactly what you will be if you take this chance. Get off the garbage that just because YOU ARE MAN it gives y

How can you sex a girl?

I am a 43 year old IT manager from Stockport, and I think I speak fairly when I say I've had my fair share of young ladies. In my experience the steps to take are as follows:

Sex in girls?

Umm... Check here? >>>>>

How you get sex with girl?

The nature of this question seems that all you want is sex and do not care for the girl involved. This is wrong. If you won't care for her/don't care for her just stay at home

Is sex better with girl on girl?

Yea sex with girls with girls is better because . 1: Girls aren't demanding so when u say wait they wait . 2: Girls are hornier . 3: Girls are hot and becuz they r

Why should you offer sex education in schools?

There are many good reasons to offer sex education in schools. That can help reduce myths about the human body, reduce filthy sexual talk, and give teens who are already sexua
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What girl do in sex?

The girl has the Vagina, which is a small crease between her legs. The male penetrates the vagina with his penis and thrusts. The female can do many things depending on their
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How can you get sex from your girl?

if you're brave like me,ask for it,or flatter them for it. if you're shy and eager,rape the f*ck outta her. P.S The game
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How do you get sex with the girl?

OMG. the man has to have an erection and the women has to be a little bit wet unless you are well lubricated. you insert your erect penis into her vagina and it is pretty simp
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How do you do girls for sex?

jump, open, insert, push and push and push and push...climax...epic whip cream
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How do you get girls to sex?

Some you have to marry, others you can pay and then there are those you have to make your girlfriend and then wait until she is ready.