How strong is the femur?

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The femur is the strongest and thickest bone in the body. It can take about 600 LBS of vertical force before it breaks. That pretty much means that if you set it up so it was horizontal, with a space in between the things holding it up, and put 600 pounds on it, it would snap. That's strong.
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What is a femur?

Answer . Between your knee and hip.. It is also the longest bone in you body.. By Jens Radda It is the top bone in the leg. femurs are the biggest bones in the body whi

What are the functions of the femur?

The femur, which is part of the upper thigh, is the largest bone in the human body. It performs various functions that help maintain mobility.

What is a femure?

You must mean "femur," which is "the longest and thickest bone of the human skeleton; extends from the pelvis to the knee" (Word Web); apparently some folks choose to spell it

The femur is the what member of the two femurs?

the femur is the thighbone & there is only 1 per thigh. the lower leg has 2 bones: the tibia & the fibula. answer your looking for is right or left depending on the view of th

Is sternum a strong bone than femur?

No in fact your sternum is rather weak and easily broken. Usually resulting in death.. No in fact your sternum is rather weak and easily broken. Usually resulting in death.

What would the femur be?

The femur is the largest bone in the body; it's your "thigh bone", above the knee attaching to the hip.

Is the femur hollow?

No, that is actually a common mistake people make. You never really mix it up unless your are actually researching the human body. The femur is actually super narrow, that's w

What if you have no femur?

You'd fall over, or at least have to hop. The femur is the bone in your upper leg, otherwise known as the thigh bone. The femur is the largest and strongest bone in the human

Is the femur an organ?

Yes the femur can be considered an organ. Think of it this way, the definition of a tissue is a group of functionally related cells and their extracellular material (or interc

Do snakes have a femur?

Yes. But it is a vestigial structure, meaning the ancestors needed them, but they are useless to the current creature.

What do the femur do?

The femur, thigh bone, is the longest bone in the body. What the femur does is allows movement to be made in the legs. This makes running, walking, standing, skipping, and jum