How old do you have to be to travel on an airplane alone?

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* Children ages 5-7 years can only fly on nonstop or direct flights with no change of planes. * Children ages 8-14 years can fly on nonstop or connecting flights, but may not connect to other airlines, with the exception of Delta Connection carriers (excluding AA Eagle) and Air France. * Children 15-17 are not required to have unaccompanied service but we will provide it when requested. * An unaccompanied child can not be booked on the last connecting flight of the evening. This is to prevent the need for an overnight stay in a hotel.
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How old can you travel alone?

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How old do you have to be to travel on a plane alone?

I think tht u can be any age above 12 cause like i want to travel to las vegas when i was 12 and i kept on searching what to do but if i cant go to las vegas i rather go to ca

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12 years -improve: you can travel between 5-12 yrs. You must have the airlines babysit the child for a fee make arrangements for said child to be picked up and other rules wil

What are the requirements of a minor child travelling alone in an airplane?

airlines have different rules - most require a signed release from a parent or legal guardian at the departure point and contact information for the adult that will pick up th

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This would be dependant on where they where flying to. Most airlines have a proceedure to deal with UM's (unaccompanied minors). However, a child aged twelve would not be able