How old do you have to be to own stock?

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16 otherwise it will be held in trust for you by a parent/guardian
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Who owns the stock market?

Owner of stock market All the world's major stock exchanges including NYSE and NASDAQ are publicly owned companies, just like other large companies you would be familiar wi

What percentage of Americans own stock?

Because there are many ways to "own" stock, this question can have many answers. For example, if you own a mutual fund in your company's retirement plan, you can be said to be

Do people who hold old monsanto stock now own pfizer stock?

yes, Monsanto MTC was merged with Upjohn Pharmacia which eventyally merged with Pfizer PFE. It is very complicated to track it, but I'll try to help.. My dates may be off, in

What Stocks does Warren Buffet own?

Buffet owns Berkshire Hathaway, listed on the stock exchange as BRK. Then Berkshire Hathaway owns the following companies. Coca-Cola Co. Wells Fargo & Company American Ex

Business owned by stock holders?

taxes come from a national company formed in the U.S.A, mainly to accommodate people with out vehicles wanting to a far destination in a short while.

Who owns the stock exchange?

no one really owns the stock exchanges, but usually the countries government where the particular stock exchange exist will regulate it.

What does it mean to own a stock?

owning a stock means - owning a portion of a company. Every stock holder who holds stocks of a particular company are partly owners of that company. Let us say you own 1 m

Who owns the most McDonald's stocks?

The guy who lives on Maui who was at Stella Blues last night. He owns the most. I don't think I've ever read a good answer on your site. I only come here in desp