How much will a trustee take out of your monthly income in a chapter 13 bankruptcy Is it a certain percentage?

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It's your disposable income. The debtor files a statement of income and expenditures. The expenditures cannot be unreasonably high. The chapter 13 payment is the difference between the income and expenditures.
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How can you find out how much of your income tax the trustee will take after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The answer to this question varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but I would say it is wise to ask your attorney what the common practice is in the district in which you

Who pays if you are in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy with your ex-husband and the trustee drops the bankruptcy?

Answer . \nWhen a BK is dismissed with or without prejudice the debtor(s) lose the protection of the automatic stay which will allow creditors to pursue collection action i

What can you do if you owe too much money for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and your income is too high for Chapter 7?

Answer . The Chapter 13 limits are $336,900 for unsecured debts and $1,010,650 for secured debts. Basically close to 1.5 mill.....a lot to leave others hanging on for. .

If you owe fed taxes and getting a refund in state taxes can the trustee in chapter 13 bankruptcy still take your refund?

Sure. The refund is only the amount you estimtaed as hence made as ocver paid, Had your estimate been more accurate or you had paid less then that amount, then the additiona

Will the bankruptcy trustee in Minnesota take your tax refund in case of chapter 13?

No! You must claim more dependants on your paycheck to avoid the trustee claiming your refund. 1500$ is the limit from Fed and State combined. Keep your refund below that amou

Can the bankruptcy trustee take a personal injury settlement after filing a chapter 13?

Yes. The injury lawsuit must be disclosed in the BK schedules. If it is of nominal value, the trustee may abandon it. If there is serious money however, the trustee can prosec

Will a bankruptcy trustee take rental income on exempt property after a chapter 7 is filed?

If the property was claimed as exempt the trustee has 60 days to either exempt or reject the contract. If nothing is done then the contract is automatically rejected and the t