How much water do cows have to drink to produce milk?

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This really depends on the salinity of the feed, the time of year, climate, weather, heat index, etc. Since milk is 98 to 99% water, most of the water a cow drinks goes into milk production in addition to the cow's bodily needs for water. Lactating cows tend to drink more water than cows that are dry.
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How much milk does a cow produce in its lifetime?

The amount of milk that a cow gives per lifetime depends on the breed, the most common breeds of dairy cattle produce the following amount of milk per lifetime. Aryshire: 15,0

How many gallons of water must a cow drink to produce one gallon of milk?

Water intake depends on many factors including humidity and airtemperature, salinity of the feed, physiological needs/stressors,size of the cow, how much milk that cow produce

How much milk can produce a cow?

Answer: None . No milk can produce a cow. But, a cow canproduce milk, and depending on the breed! A cow can produceanywhere from 10 to 20 pounds of milk per day (typical beef