How much water do Brazil have?

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over 3 thousand bodies of water
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Brazil-how much good farmland is in Brazil?

there's no way to mesure that, but they're very good.. Specially on the south region, where there's a soil called the Purple Soil (which acctually is red), that has a extreme

What body of water is west of Brazil?

The entire west of Brazil is bordered by other countries. Furtherwest of those countries is the Pacific Ocean, but Brazil does nottouch it. East of Brazil is the Atlantic Ocea
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How much water is in Brazil?

I do not know how much is in Brazil but 3/4 of the rain that falls in rainforest, stays there and can become water vapour.
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Is Brazil surrounded by water or land?

Brazil is shaped like a squashed diamond. On two sides, it is surrounded by south and north Atlantic oceans. On the other two sides, it is surrounded by land consisting of 10