How much water can a toilet hold?

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it is around 3 million litres
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How much water does a toilet cistern hold?

\n \n \n \n a toilet cistern holds 3216 . Most modern toilets will hold about 20 litres, but they are being made smaller all the time due to better flushing designs and the need to conserve water. Toilets can all be adjusted internally on the fill valve to hold less water. The new recommended flush amounts in many countries is 13 or 6.5 litres.

How much water is used when you flush the toilet?

It depends on where you live and how old your toilet is. Oldertoilets used as much as five gallons per flush. Newer models canuse as little as 1.5 gallons. About a gallon, 4 or 5 litres, depending on the design of toilet. Enough to keep an African village alive for 3 weeks Low flow use 1.6 gallons. Older toilets use about 3 gallons. Somereally old ones may get close to 5. A given toilet will varydepending on where the water level is set at and some flappers areadjustable also. about 13 liters of water is anaverage toilet use age

How much water is used to flush a toilet?

depends on the kind of toilet and where you live. today's standard in America is 1.6 gallons. more efficient models will use 1.28 gallons. some even have a dual-flush option, 0.8 gallons for #1 and 1.6 gallons for #2.

How much water do you use for toilets?

There are many different toilets . -Old style toilets used too use up to 20 litres per flush. New toilets in north America are now restricted to 13 or 6.5 litres per flush. many even have the choice,by which button you press.

What is the name of the container that holds toilet water?

Toilet water has at least 2 very different meanings. Eau deToilette (toilet water) is a perfume. It may be held in a perfumebottle or atomizer (sprayer). Water that is flushed from an actualtoilet may be held in a septic tank or a cesspool.