How much water and vinger to use removing marijuana?

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No known thing in the universe can remove it from your system. It can only be covered up temporarily.
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Why is water good for marijuana removal?

Excess water intake will "flush the system" to a degree. The body will be dumping water if it is taken in by large measure. But this also "sucks out" electrolytes and other th

How much does marijuana cost to use?

it depends on your dealer ... the grade/quality and how much u get around where i am from u can get enough for a blunt for $10 a quarter for $25-60 and an once for like $120-$

Can drinking to much vinger hurt you?

Yes drinking too much vinger can hurt because the Acid in the vinger burns away your stomach skin . That is correct, but one teaspoonful in a galss of water before meals is O

How do you clean hardwood with water and vinger?

well you get a bucket then you put hot water in that bucket, then you add some vinegar then you get a mop head and a stick to attach the two parts till you have a full mop the

How much Marijuana does people use?

If your talking About the total in the world at least once look it up. If it's regular use do the same. Although stay away from any sponsored link or above the influence or fo