How much was tupac worth when he died?

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Tupac had $150,000 in the bank when he died and everything else he owned was in Death Row Records name...
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Why Tupac died?

Because he got shot by notorious b.i.g. No he didn't he and biggie were actually friends suge knight got a gang member to shoot him. . . . . ..... the part that both of the

How much money was Tupac worth before he died?

Tupac didn't invest his money well and was ripped off by fat man. Suge Knight, Tupac only had Seven thousand dollars to his name whenhe died! That is sad for a person of his

How much Tupac worth?

There is no amount of money that can be put on 2pac's life......or ANY life in that matter

How much is Tupac worth now?

As of 2014 the deceased rappers net worth is $40 million. The fameof the rapper continues to climb even after his death.