How much was Vinny DiMartino paid on American chopper?

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Vinnie DiMartino likely made about $2000 per episode of American Chopper. He currently has a net worth of about $2 million.
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Why did Vinnie leave American Chopper?

Vinnie and Cody started their own business: V Force Customs. The shop is less than 10 miles from Orange County Choppers and it appears that the Discovery Channel will be givin

When did vinnie leave American choppers?

He quit during E85 Iowa Farm Bike Pt.2 Episode Episodes are filmed about 10 weeks prior to air date. He actually left in the begining of August 2007.

What happened to vinny from American chopper?

Vinnie and Cody from American Choppers have opened their own shopcalled V-Force. In 2013 Vinnie opened DiMartino Motorsports a auto repair, customwork s

How much did Vinnie Dimartino get paid from American Choppers?

he was paid machinist wages. not sure but actors have a union and require producers to at least pay a minimum of about 800 an episode. everything else is negotiated by how p