How much to get a new toilet installed?

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Between $285 to $1,000 plus tax, depending on what your toilet costs plus parts.  Home Depot has toilets that start at $135 and go up to $492 plus tax. Custom toilets may cost more.  Labor is about 1 - 2 hours depending on whether or not it is an easy installation. The plumber/handyman may run into glitches which will cost more.
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Can a toilet be installed where you currently have a sink?

the sink drain is the would have to get a wall mount commode,or install drain in floor and plug drain in wall Answer You also need a 3 or 4 inch drainpipe. Ans 3 - You can do this if you fit a new 3" drain to the main pipe and run it to a toilet flange where the sink is.

How do you install a downstairs toilet?

Answer . \nThis is way too complicated for the average homeowner to do. I srongly suggest calling a plumber.

Can a sink be installed where you currently have a toilet?

Answer . \nYes, but it is very complicated and should only be done by a plumber.

How can you install a toilet when the toilet closet is on an angle?

Answer . \nthere are several flexy toilet conectors available to buy so a toilet can be fitted in any position provided there is room for it

Can you install a downstairs toilet yourself?

Answer . yes but I wouldn't perscribe it unless you were sure you knew what you were doing but yes it's possible but you must follow all the directions on how to install one but it's probably best if you have never installed one to let someone who knows what they're doing so you don't make a big mess.

Is it due to the size of the toilet or just the bad installation if the water tank of the new toilet is about 2 inches away from the wall?

Probably it is due to the size of the toilet tank. If the toilet is a low flow, or under 2 gallons per flush, the tank will be considerably smaller than an older toilet tank, which might hold as much as 25 gallons. The only critical thing in istalling a toilet is if the drain pipe lines up with the drain opening. Answer Unless you move the toilet drain, the new toilet is going to sit in the same place. If you have a gap between the wall and the tank, you might want to put a block of wood or something to help anchor the tank. Newer tanks are smaller due to the reduced water need with the current flushing technology.

Install a toilet?

Changing toilet. You shut off the valve on the inlet pipe then flush the toilet. Now sponge the remaining water out of tank and bowl. Get an old towel to put under back of toilet and remove inlet pipe from both ends. Now unscrew the 2 (or sometimes 4) holding bolts on the base and the lift toilet off the floor. I always have an old cardboard box or similar to sit it on, as the wax seal will make a floor sticky. Remove the toilet from the room to make space for the new one. Fit a new wax seal to the flange on the floor and fit new mounting bolts if necessary. Now re-fit the new toilet onto the bolts and wax seal. Gently rock it to settle the seal down, then fit nuts on and tighten it down. I always fit a new SS braided supply tube rather than the grey plastic junk, this needs no sealant or tape, just tighten the bolts . This is NOT a difficult job, you don't need ANY special knowledge, just common sense. .

How can you install a toilet into a corner?

The same way you install one NOT in a corner. As long as the rough-in is correct, it should install just like any other.

I replaced a toilet that was professional installed without the use of a wax ring. Now the new toilet is leaking at the floor. He didn't use a wax ring do I need one?

Answer . yes you need a wax ring or you could use a silcone clear sealer which is used for fish tanks but be sure that the joint is clean and dry and is left to dry overnight

How much does it cost to have a new video card installed?

Answer . it depends on what your looking for if your looking for a high performance card it could be anywhere from $200 to $1000 but if you are just a general computer user you could probably get a 128m 256m card for under 100 dollars but stll have good performance

How do you install a toilet?

Assuming you have the plumbing in place, floor flange and supply line. You will need a wax ring to seal it to the floor flange. Install the two bolts on either side of the flange. I usually put the wax ring on the flange and set the toilet bowl on it, but you can put it on the toilet also. Less chance of messing it up by putting it on the flange. With the wax ring in place set the toilet bowl straight down on the flange. Set the bowl first and attach the tank after you have it down and secure. Standing over the bowl you should be able to guide it onto the bolts which center it on the drain. Put your weight on the bowl over the drain to squash the wax ring and make the seal. Put the base of the bolt cover on and the nuts to hold the toilet down. Do not over tighten the nuts and go back and forth tightening each nut a little at a time. As soon as they get tight, stop or you might break the base. Put the foam gasket on the tank center hole and set it on the base. Install the two bolts that hold it down with a rubber washer under the head to seal the bolt. Again, tighted each a bit until tight. Install the supply line and seat and you are done.

What is the average price a plumber charges to install a new toilet?

Toilets are available in a wide variety of styles. Installationprocedures are generally consistent. A new toilet Installation maybe part of a complete bathroom renovation or a necessary repairproject. That depends on your choice for your new toilet. An average low cost- $286.65 An average high cost- $363.98 The average plumber charges between $45-$65/hour and theinstallation should take about an hour.

What is the average price to install a toilet?

The average TIME to replace a toilet is about one hour. The average price is a whole different matter as many plumbers will use this as an exercise to 'pad the bill '. - If anyone charges you more than 2 hours to do this, chances are you are being ripped off.

Can you install a toilet without plumbing?

Usually, installing a toilet is simple. You do need to be able tofollow the directions, and have the proper tools. You will alsoneed to remove the previous toilet and replace the wax ring.Problems with turning off the water valve behind the toilet or someother problem may require a plumber.

How do you install a toilet flange?

Clean the lead to remove all the oxidation then use a non corrosive flux and also clean the Brass floor flange again removing all the oxidation then you can either TIN the brass flange or just lead with it to the lead pipe">Clean the lead to remove all the oxidation then use a non corrosive flux and also clean the Brass floor flange again removing all the oxidation then you can either TIN the brass flange or just lead with it to the lead pipe You cut the cast iron pipe using an inside pipe cutter then set the cast iron floor flange using oakum you pack the joint with in 1" of the top and fill the annular space with molten lead Cut the No hub pipe use a quick set cast iron floor flange Plastic FORGETABOUTIT unless your doing really low icome housing

Can you install a toilet in a conservatory?

Yes, of course You just have to think about, plumbing which could mean digging up the concrete base, ventilation, also check with your local council as putting in a toilet could make the conservatory a permanent structure in their eyes and actually make it a house extension as opposed to a conservatory, which could have implications in terms of house/building insurance as well as your community charge.

How to install a wall mounted toilet?

A wall mounted toilet is installed in two ways. Either it hangs on brackets which have been bolted into the wall or the actual pan itself is bolted into the wall. Connecting the waste is quite tricky and requires a jolly flex, this is plumbing pipe which is flexible and which can be stretched or squashed and is ideal for when installing a wall mounted toilet.

How-to install a toto neorest toilet?

Contact the following person at Toto and he will send you the installation instructions and booklet for this model online:

How much should you pay to install a toilet?

Depends on whether you already purchased it and whether other parts are needed. If you have the toilet, a Kant leak, a wax seal,FLEXIBLE toilet supply, and the (nuts,bolts and washers) for screwing the toilet to the floor flange, plumber should not charge more than one hour of his rate to install it. Make sure the plumber does NOT silicone around the toilet. If there is a leak from the wax seal under the toilet and it is siliconed, the water stays under the toilet and rots the floor, if you are on a wood floor.

How much are toilets?

Toilets can cost as low as 50.00$, but can get as expensive as 2,000.00$, so it depends what kind of toilet you want and where you are going to buy it.

How much to install a toilet?

To re and re a toilet is less than one hours work. So, one hour of whatever your local plumbers charge.

What should you charge to install a toilet?

This obviously depends on the difficulty of the job and how much time you have to spend on it. Is this a new installation, or do you just want to replace an old toilet? Have the old toilet been removed? Is the water line in good shape? Does it connect easily to the new toilet, or do you have to modify it. Is the flooring under the toilet in good shape? Most plumbers charge by the hour and the going rate depends on the locality. In the best case, putting in a toilet is pretty simple. Sometimes toilets are put into cramped places and it is physically difficult to make the water connections.

How much should you pay to have a toilet installed?

Nothing. Do it Yourself. It is easier than you would think.. Nothing. Do it Yourself. It is easier than you would think.

How much would it cost to install a toilet?

It's less than 1 hour labour in most cases. -That's what I'd expect to pay.

How do you install wax seal for toilet?

1. First loose the bolts that connect it to the flange on the floorand place the toilet in the bathtub 2.Turn off the water supply 3. Remove the lid of the toilet tank and flush the toilet 4. Use a plastic cup & dry sponge to scoop out water and dry upwater drop. 5. Disconnect the water supply tube by turning the compression nuton the water supply valve. 6. use a flat head screwdriver to pry the caps from the washers atthe base of the toilet. 7. Remove the nuts by using a wrench from the bolts. 8.Place the nuts, washers, and caps properly. 9. Hold the toilet under the bowl and rock it gently back and forthto break the old wax seal. 10. Lift the toilet off of the floor and set it down on a blanket,a piece of cardboard or in the bathtub. For more information

The cost to install a toilet?

Installing a toilet is actually quite easy, and you can do it yourself (or with the help of a friend). You will only need a few basic tools, and a new wax ring. Turn off the water and flush the old toilet (to get most of the water out of it). Disconnect the water inlet, and remove the two nuts at the base. Lift the old toilet straight up; it may be "sticky" because of the old wax ring. A little twist left and right will help. I usually set it in the bathtub, because there will still be some water in it. Clean off the old wax ring from the pipe; it needs to be good and clean. put the new wax ring down, and set the new toilet squarely on the new wax ring. It's important not to wiggle it around and so forth at this point, because if you mess up the wax ring, you'll be doing this over again. Put the nuts back on the stand bolts, and bolt the new toilet down. Don't over-tighten the nuts; just make them snug, or you take a chance of cracking the porcelain, breaking the bolt, or worst-case, breaking the collar (then you will have to get a plumber... replacing collars is not a beginner task). Once the base is down, follow the directions for the tank, valve, float, etc. Reconnect the water supply and turn it on. The tank should fill. Check for leaks while it is filling; there should be no drips. Leave the top of the tank off so that you can adjust the water level if necessary to the "Fill" line in the tank. Flush and watch for leaks; especially where the tank meets the bowl, and around the bottom of the bowl (leaking from the wax ring). That's pretty much it.... you may have to make minor adjustments to the chain (if your system uses one), to the fill level, and so forth, but that's really all there is to changing a toilet. I've changed dozens of them. Answer: Consider some of the other aspects of the do-it-yourself route. As much as saving a couple of hundred dollars on plumber's fees is a good thing and the process is relatively simple (see above) there are some drawbacks: . Many new toilets are low flush or incorporate bidet like features. Both technical aspects have to be discussed prior to purchase. . If your municipality has a "reward" ($50 or so) for installing low volume toilets you have to find out how to claim it if you haven't got an installation receipt. . Bidet type toilets require more installation know how and are expensive if you mess up the installation. Your mistakes may void the warranty. . If you are doing the installation you have to haul the new unit to your house and potentially up stairs. . Failure to make all unions water tight can result in long term out-of-sight drips that can cause problems . Health problems can result from contact with fecal matter - don't fool yourself you ad this water will come in contact - skim, eyes, clothes or mout - during the task . You have to remove the old unit potentially spilling a couple of liters of "water" and associated solids in the bath room and out to the exterior of your house. . You ave to dispose of the old unit. Most trash pick-ups won't take it. A toilet sitting by the curb or in your back alley is a vandal magnet. Broken toilets produce a wealth of razor sharp shards.

How do you install toilet?

I assume you have a floor flange in place or are replacing an existing toilet. The floor flange is what the toilet bolts to that holds it down to the floor. Some older houses use lag screws to hold the toilet down to the wood floor and in basements, lag screws and anchors are sometimes used directly to the concrete. If you have a floor flange, it should be at the level of the floor or up to 3/8's of an inch above it. This will allow you to use a standard wax ring to seal the toilet to the drain pipe. If the flange is below the level of the floor, use an extra thick wax ring or double up two regular ones. You want the wax ring with the black funnel shape piece of plastic imbedded in it. There is a slot on each side of the flange that will accept a bolt. Either 1/4 or 5/16 thick. Put the bolts in the slots on either side inline with the center of the drain. I usually put the wax ring on the floor and sit the toilet base over it. Lining the holes in the base with the bolts. Sit the base on the drain, straight down. With it in place, you should have to compress the wax ring some so that the toilet will sit on the floor. Grab the toilet on each side at the back where the seat attaches and lean on it with your weight. This will compress the wax ring and make the seal between the toilet and the drain. Push straight down without twisting the toilet. Install the washers and nuts on the bolts and tighten them carefully a little on each side until they are tight. Do not over tighten them because you can break the base. There should be a cap to cover the bolt with the toilet. Put the flat white washer on the bolt first, the metal washer and then the nut. The white washer has to go on the right way up so that the cup will snap over it. The edge is beveled and the slope on it should be downward like an upside down V. Now install the tank. There is a large black foam cone that goes over the center hole in the tank and seals it to the base. Set the tank in place and install the two bolts that hold it to the base. Use a rubber washer under the head of the bolt to seal the bolt to the tank. Bolts go in from the top. As with the floor bolts, tighten them a little on each side until the tank is tight. On most toilet bases, there is a small ridge in front of the hole in the back that the tank will rest on when it is tightened down enough. With the tank in place, install the supply line and the seat and you should be in business.

Fair price of installing a toilet?

It's less than one hour of labour. -So one hour average plumbing labour cost wherever you are located.

How do you install a toilet in basement?

There are special toilets designed just for this reason. They have holding tanks built into them with pumps to pump the waste up to the level of the sewer lines.

Can a toilet leak weeks after install?

Yes.` The wax ring may not have been thick enough or making complete contact and the toilet not held down tight enough. Every time the toilet rocks just a bit and water gets between the wax and the toilet. It doesn't reseal and keeps doing this until it has a leak to the outside edge of the seal. Just another wax ring, a thicker one and bolt the toilet back down tight, but not too tight and break the toilet.

How do you install a new water shut-off valve on a toilet or a sink?

Shut the water off at the main shut off where it comes into the house or at the meter and change the valve at the fixture. The valve at the fixture may be sweated on, compression, or threaded.

How much will you pay for a pool liner to be installed if you have a new liner?

A lot. I'm assuming you bought the liner on the Internet, and now you're looking for a local professional to install it. Bad idea...and here's why: Local pool professionals make their profit on the sale of the liner to you, and not much on the installation, while ALL THE RISK OF THE JOB IS IN THE INSTALLATION. It may not fit correctly; he may inadvertently tear it while installing (they're not made of titanium, after all) and have to replace it at his cost, etc. So the installer must "pad" his fee for these contingencies. In effect, you're asking him to take all the risk for a minimal fee, and if he's smart, he's simply going to refuse to do that. In general, local pool companies/professionals detest Internet sales companies, and refuse entirely to install their products bought by "saavy" pool-owning internet shoppers. So next time, be a good client and buy from the guy who's going to do the dirty work.

What is the average cost to install a toilet?

I do that often, average cost is cost of the toilet, floor seal, connector, and one hour labour. (in my case $50 -Most plumbers are much more -)

How do you install a toilet wax ring?

Shut the water off, disconnect the supply line to the toilet, flush the toilet and hold the handle down so that most of the water gets out of the tank. You can try and get as much water out of the bowl as possible, or leave it in if you have something to sit the toilet in when you lift it off of the drain. As long as you keep it level, no water will come out, but it is practically impossible to lift it up and out of the way without loosing some water. Most toilets are held down with two bolts or screws, one on each side of the base towards the back. Some older toilets also have screws at the front sides . Remove the nuts or screws. If the bathroom has a tub, put a towel in the tub and quickly lift the toilet up and into the tub. If you tilt the toilet forward and then back, most of the water in the bowl will run out. The old wax ring will probably stay on the floor. It probably has a black plastic funnel shape ring in the drain. Remove the ring and the old wax, as much as possible. It does not have to be perfectly clean of wax. Remove any old wax on the bottom of the toilet also. You can either put the wax ring on the base of the toilet or on the floor drain. I usually put it on the floor so that I don't have to worry about messing it up if I have to set the toilet down before it is over the drain. With the wax ring in place, line the toilet up with the drain and the two bolts that hold it down and lower it into place. The wax ring should be thick enough that you have to push down on the toilet where the seat attaches to squash the ring and make a good seal. I place the toilet by myself by holding it on each side of the bowl right in front of the tank. It is easier than two people trying to get in a small space. You can also position the toilet without the ring in place and them tip it forward enough to slip the ring in place and then just letting the toilet back down. It's easy to do and much cheaper than calling a plumber. Just make sure the floor flange is at least level with the floor or slightly above it. If it is not, use a extra thick wax ring or stack two regular ones on top of each other. Any excess wax will squash out. Better too much than not enough.

Can you install a toilet where a shower used to be?

A shower drain is 1 1/2 or 2 inch and a toilet needs to be either 3 or 4 inch.

How much water do you save if installed a dual flush or new low water toilet?

Compared to a 30 year old toilet? An amazing amount (I just installed two such toilets, replacing 30-year-old models). These are dual flush, and in the low flush mode - perfectly adequate for 70% of flushes - they use 1.3 gallons. The old toilets used almost 4 gallons per flush. A saving of 2.7 gallons per flush, times (how many??) flushes per day, times 365: You are easily talking thousands of gallons a year .

What is the labor cost to install toilet?

I have a set price schedule that is $226 to remove and install a toilet. this includes all the needed materials. So between $150-$300 is reasonable in the Los Angeles area.

Are toilet seats hard to install?

No, toilet seats are not hard to install. There are two bolts that go through the rear of the opening on the toilet and when these bolts are secured, the seat is installed.

Does toilet have to be removed to install new floor?

Yes that's what the flange sit on and get bolted onto that is why if you remove the toilet/flange you will see a hole in your floor

How do you install an offset toilet flange?

The same as you would any other. Most often used when replacing an older toilet that is 14 inches out from the wall with the modern ones that are 12 inches out. How you attach it to the existing drain will depend on the type of pipe you have and your particular circumstances.

What is price for plumber to install toilet?

If you mean installing on an existing flange, it takes less than a half hour. Who knows how much a plumber will charge .

How much will it cost to install a new bathroom?

Depends on the size of the bathroom and materials used. The more basic something is, the cheaper. If high end materials and modern technology are included, the bathroom will cost into the thousands. The cost also depends on what is included in the bathroom, for example toilet, shower, sink, ect.

How do you install a new flap on toilet?

Most of them are held in place by two pegs on either side of the overflow tube. If there are no pegs, get a flapper with the ring at the hinge point and it slides down over the tube. The old one may be fairly stiff when trying to get it off of the pegs. Twist the tab sidewise and it should come off.

How much does it cost to install a new electric meter?

Changing out a meter base is a complicated job in as much as you have to know wire sizes, ampacity of wires and proper electrical workmanship. Such a project should be left to a licensed electrical contractor to take out the proper permits and call for proper inspections. By taking this route it will leave you confident that if any mishaps happen to the installation down the road your insurance company will be behind you 100%. The labour to do a simple old to new change out, where the meter base is located on the outside of the home, will be in the neighbourhood of 5-6 hours. Using 6 hours times the charge out rate of the contractor will give you a ball park figure of what it will cost. Two hours for two people plus two hours for material gathering and travel time to your location. These hours are for replacing an old meter for a new meter using the existing conductors. Obtain three quotes from individual electrical contractors. These quotes should not cost you anything. If there is a price for the quotes look for another contractor. When you talk to the contractor make sure that the price for a permit is in his quote. If the contractor states that you will not need a permit, look for another contractor.

How much for new battery and alternator installed?

Depends on the make, model, & year of the car, who installs the alternator & battery, and the type battery you buy. Most auto parts stores will install a battery for free. Batteries cost from $60 to $250. Alternators cost from $65 - Up. Labor to install an alternator can be from $75 to $225 or more.

I have purchased a new toilet and it is on site ready to be installed. What would the plumbing cost be to remove the old toilet and install the new one?

It is less than an hour of labour, so depends on what labour rate you pay. I regularly do them in about 35-40 minutes and charge one hour of labour.

How does one install a new toilet seat?

To install a new toilet seat, first you must remove the old one. One of the tools needed to do this is typically a flat screwdriver. Pop open the plastic coverings and unscrew the plastic bolts. The seat should then come free. Use bathroom cleaner around the entire toilet area before placing the new seat. Then, just place the bolts into the holes and thread them tightly. Also, snap the bolt covers into place.

How much is a new 5 ton central unit and installation?

Question does not provide enough info for a worthwhile answer: Do you already have ductwork or will it be part of the job? If you do have it then will you be upgrading the furnace too, if yes with what 80% 90%,95%? What SEER AC unit,what model? Cheapo builders grade or top of line? Do you have available electric service in your panel or will that need upgrading? Ok, you get the idea now so I`ll stop here.

What are the perils of toilet installation?

While the two most obvious perils of toilet installation are flooding and direct injury through having the toilet fall on a limb, there are other dangers to be considered. Improper setup of the drainage system can be illegal at best, and may cause illness. Improper use of tools can lead to all sorts of calamity and injury as well.

Which companies install commercial toilets?

Commercial plumbing companies install commercial toilets. To find commercial plumbers in your area, check the Yellow Pages or an online phone directory.