How much risperdal does it take you to get high?

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Risperdal, the brand name for the anti-psychotic Risperidone, is not a drug with any recreational potential. It will not cause any euphoria (it's actually more likely to cause the opposite, dysphoria). It will make you drowsy in higher doses but not in a pleasant way like other depressants such Alcohol, GHB or Benzodiazepines. All in all, there is no reason to try and get high off it as it will only fail or even land you in the hospital.
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Why take risperdal at bedtime?

One side effect is drowsiness. does risperdal drugs make you sleep ,like zopiclone does You can save money on a prescription. Shop around at as many pharmacies as possible. D

Can you take Adderall instead of risperdal?

Answer:. I don't know your current situation, and I'm no doctor, but I can tell you one thing, if you are prescribed Risperdal, one of the worst things you can take is Addera

Can risperdal get you high?

Risperdal or Resperidone is an atypical anti psychotic. To get right to the heart of the question, sure it can get you buzzed, but high like snorting coke or the like, no not

Can you take Effexor and risperdal together?

Yes, you can. I am on both currently. However, I am on a low dose of risperdal, and my dose can go even lower as my Doctor explained. This combination has helped me curb great

Can snorting risperdal get you high?

Of course not, it's an anti-psychotic, it will not get you high atall. But if you wanna try for yourself, do it like 1mg or 2mg,you'll be disappointed...

Can you take an ssri while on risperdal?

Yes, of course. It is actually a great idea if you suffer both by psychosis and depression. Be careful though, that if you take risperdal for mania (bipolar disorder), the S

How much risperdal to get high?

Don't even try . these drugs are dangerous to take abused. If you feel like your prescribed dose is not working contact your health provider. If you want to get "high" its sug

Can you take risperdal and have cdl?

Risperdal is one of the medications which will require a more in-depth look into the history of the medication and its use. Taking the medication itself won't disqualify you f