How much is military retirement pay for e-7?

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An E-7's retirement pay depends on his-her years of service, but it would be at least $ 28,000 / annually
Assuming they served only 20 years-
Short answer: Roughly $2,000 a month.
Long answer:
It will depend on the retirement plan the service member picked.
If the service member picked the high three retirement plan then they will average the service members base pay over the last three years. Then whatever the amount is they will give them 50%. They will gain an additional 2.5% to their retirement for every year over 20- therefore someone retiring at 22 years will received 55% of their high three.
If the service member picked the REDUX plan then they should have received $30K at their 15 year mark and they will only get 40%. But every year over 20 the service member will gain 3.5% So a service member who retires at 22 years will get 47% of their base pay plus they already received the $30K.
One last thing to consider is if the service member picked the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP). That program will be taken out of the retirement money if it is chosen.
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