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How much is a 1984 Michael Jordan rookie card worth?

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1986 Fleer Rookie #57 is the most highly desirable Michael Jordan card to date. It can be purchased raw anywhere between $100 and up depending on quality, cornering, surfacing and centering of the card. Beware, there are many reprints out in the market.
PSA, BGS and SGC graded 1986 Fleer #57 will be likely best choice as an long term investment. Currently, PSA 8.0 will be priced anywhere between $550-$700. A Gem-Mint PSA 10.0 will fetch between $6K-7K.
With Michael Jordan being inducted into the HOF in Sept 2009, the price will likely go up 20% or higher for proven "World Class Athelete of the Century".

For the 10.0 PSA is now ranging between $5,000 to $10,000 now that his rookie card is more desirable. you must keep your card in mint condition to have the price high.
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